A palace in ruins...

by wickeddarkman on 18 September 2023

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Deck Description

The beautiful wonderland palace has had a guest more "broadshouldered" than the king.

I repeat, their "shoulders" were wide, not their stomachs. The king is certainly not broad stomached... he just has very powerful shoulders...

While the "bunny-hole" with its narrow crawl space is just the width of a crawling king, it seems like it's too narrow for someone else, with broader shoulders than the king. (Yes, it's hard to imagine, cause the king is a powerhouse)

The overshouldered guest seems to have had some problems at passing a small board, and has dislocated the tunnel walls while passing, which caused a tunnel collapse later that day when the king was resting his feet...

The king, has had plans of putting a lot more nails into the tunnel walls to make things less collapsible, but has been having some days of reading books, and haven't had the mood to be a "handyking".

However, with negligent guests like that, the palace is deteriorating, and the king cannot tolerate such a thing.

The fine board in question has already suffered enough don't you think ???
(Which is why the king has set it aside so it is out of harm's way)

Needless to say, security will need just another upgrade.

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