Archive trap

by wickeddarkman on 31 July 2020

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Welcome to my database of cards in my stream of thought mill
You can view the cards I've described by searching for the tag: wdm mill guide
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Archive trap has had a long past in mill, tied in to path to exile, ghostquarter and recently field of ruins.

Since my mill does not contain white, and is dependant on facing aggro most of the time by a turn 2 oona's prowler and turn 3 ensnaring bridge followed by discarding the hand there is no time to trigger field of ruins to cast archive trap for free.

In my deck, startled awake is the better pick because I have cards that put it in the grave, and it's cheaper to cast.

Of course things may change over time, and I'll constantly reevaluate archive trap.

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Deck discussion for Archive trap

The problem with this card is that almost every deck that uses it gets rid of card slots to cast it for free, when obviously Startled awake s better because nostalgia

Posted 01 August 2020 at 01:32


Archive trap is good enough for other deckdesigns than mine, I've tested some of them, but they don't need to play 4 , 3 is a better number.

In esper variants it's best to play 4, and some even use the trap fetching card that cost 1U something snare.

Posted 01 August 2020 at 05:38


I'll soon start to play test with the three weakest cards removed
Like I said I think I lack some more mill, to be speedier, so this time I kill two birds with one rock.
Since the 4 great aggrodecks often passes through with flying creatures, (except for merfolk) then I will focus on flying creatures that can mill.

Balustrade spy 2/3 mill until 4 lands
Eye collector 1/1 both mill 1 when dam opp
Mind shrieker 1/1 mill opp 1 when pay 2
Mist intruder 1/2 exile 1 when dam opp
Shriek geist 1/1 mill opp 2 when dam opp
Vantress gargoyle 5/4 tap to mill 1 both
Soratami mindsweeper 1/4 2+bounce own land to mill opp 2

I expect evolution to just pick 3 vantress gargoyle but I have been surprised before so many times it's almost embarrassing.

Posted 01 August 2020 at 13:23