by wickeddarkman on 28 November 2022

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Deck Description

Welcome to the "repair-files"
Technology has made it all to easy to "spam"
Deck-spammers try to control the meta by taking good decks, removing the keycards from them and insert really bad cards instead.

Then they haunt as many magic sites as they can and everytime they see the good deck around, they post 10 of their bad decks. This can be done effortlessly by the power of copy paste.

It started out small during the 2008, but has grown into a massive problem, as decks are also being spammed into the dci event reporter and spreads from there.

These days there are whole communities of deckspammers working together in small groups, using lots of fake user accounts to upvote each others spam and downvoting anyone trying to reveal their foul play.

The repair files will become a way to strike back.

By reintroducing repaired decks to the meta with descriptions of what was sabotaged within them, it might make people more aware of the situation, and since we actually outnumber the spammers, if enough people join in, the meta will become fair for everyone.

Ofcourse things aren't going to be easy, there will be a small-scale war, which sort of have begun already.

Some of the spammers have learned that my own halfdeck project is an excellent way to create new spam.

They open up a new deck in mtggoldfish, then they copy/paste a random deck into the mainboard, then copy paste another random deck into the sideboard.

They then move cards a little back and forth between mainboard and sideboard.
Then they launch the two hybrid decks, sort of like I would do it...

I must admit it's a clever way to spread overall confusion, but there are two problems involved in it.

It is done at a time where my warning is frequenting the place, and if I can spot the hybrids, so will others.

In my own project each halfdeck may be separate and able to stand alone, but it's the random coupling that actually brings new life into the whole thing. Sometimes the cards involved kick of new synergy, and just smashing decks together will have people search for a connection.

The spammers want to dissuade people by using hybrid technology, but may very well end up inspiring them instead.

How to Play

4 Golden Egg
4 Ichor Wellspring
4 Cauldron Familiar
2 Dawnbringer Cleric
4 Gingerbrute
1 Guardian of the Guildpact
1 Makeshift Munitions
4 Cast Down
4 Deadly Dispute
3 Reckoner's Bargain
1 Bojuka Bog
2 Orzhov Basilica
3 Swamp
1 Vault of Whispers
2 Chainer's Edict
1 Urborg Repossession
2 Chromatic star
2 sacred cat
2 suffocating fumes
4 basilisk gate
4 black dragon gate
3 citadel gate
2 heap gate

Continuing the streak of revealing the work of 8, I've split this deck in two.

One of the spammers uses a bunch of signature cards to spam decks with, and they contain the following "keywords"

So that means that this guy is probably the sole reason for the popularity of gate decks.

Sacred cAT
SuffocATing fumes
ChromATic star
Basilisk gATe
Black dragon gATe
Citadel gATe
heap gATe

Ofcourse I could be wrong and it might be the intent to show of a number of cards containing the letters c, a and t.

Maybe it's both.

Meaww, that's almost clever...

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  • Pauper

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  • Not Legal in Standard
  • Not Legal in Modern
  • Legal in Vintage
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