Autistic bullshit

by wickeddarkman on 16 June 2022

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Deck Description

Some people like to be withdrawn and stay for themselves, retreating into their own self-shell for years, only watching the world in few short blinks before retreating to their own cozy insides.

Some shell people get caught up in life however, and the outside world wants to know what's inside of the turtle person, who knows, maybe there's something to steal ?

Most shell people break from this, they are fragile and just get crushed by life. So sad...

A few of them starts to bite.

Whenever someone gets close and try peek inside, the shell person becomes a snapping turtle and just swing out and bite, bite, bite.

Soon that turtleperson learns to snap in advance. The second they see someone even thinking of an approach, the turtleperson stretches their long neck and snap, snap snap.

Then the turtleperson starts investigating the world, slowly roaming it and tanking all over the place, delivering fierce bites to everything in their vicinity. People starts avoiding the turtleperson and they like it.

They tank around more often, grow horns and become strong, and all of a sudden they've become a lot like minotaurs. Gentle giants roaming the world for adventures but all to easy to piss of.

Don't toy with an autist, or you might find yourself being burried in deep clingy bullshit.

This guy, (me, wickeddarkman) is singlehandedly ruining the fun for the trolls, thieves, extortionists, deckspammers and sexual abusers who frequent mtgvault.

Sure, I scare some new faces away, and bother the trolls whenever they create a new account, but at least the new people aren't walking into a giant trap without a warning, and as usual, it's my oppinion that this warning should be given mandatory by all internet sites, not just mtgvault.

I no longer enforce a tag system, because it can be an advantage seeing who actually puts up a serious effort into things compared to some others... I've come far since my early warnings.

Gary can we just please make me a mod, so I can rid this place of assholes, and so I can atone for giving another site a harsh time when I was younger and less knowledgeable.

It's obvious that the bad guys in here view me as a troll, because I'm revealing their presence, but I am using this site as it is otherwise intended, and even (gasp) bring detailed descriptions in most of my decks, even when they aren't the best builds. I'd say I'm pretty self aware about this.

Sure, I can be compared to hitler, and gladly stand by by my words that if I had the power, I'll exterminate everyone of the evil doers in here to purify earth and build a utopia.

Should the trolls manage to win despite my good efforts, I'll have to become better at this "game" and will seek out professional troll hunters so I can improve myself and strike back against crime on the net. Good people does stuff like that.

Doxxing trolls is exactly what other good people have been doing, and since this is mostly done in Sweden, I'll simply have to cross a single bridge to start learning how to fight the good fight.

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