Bitter Thieves' guild enforcer

by wickeddarkman on 03 August 2020

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Deck Description

Thieves' guild enforcer and bitterblossom makes an enormous incentive to create faerie-mill.

To build this deck I stole some tech from user MTGBern.

This is just to get the imagination running in those who've played faeries in modern.
This might be quite the power boost you've been looking for...

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Thieves' guild enforcer
To see a collection of the faeries I think fit the theme the most.

If you want another newer design, more pro, look up zack Adams in faeries from 07/03/2020: replace the 4 arcum's astrolabe with 4 thieves' guild enforcer and you have a competitive faerie mill. Sort of :)

How to Play

Two Soaring thought-Thief could replace mesmeric orb.

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  • Mill
  • Faeries

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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