Black bell & draw & updates

by wickeddarkman on 03 November 2022

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Deck Description

Things are looking great.

While the side projects of creating the perfect steroids in pauper and a bunch of
pauper halfdecks in premodern is eating up some time, the war against spammers have started to pay of on mtggoldfish, as the war has entered a new stage.

My warnings have been so frequent that the war is no longer being fought over the warnings themselves.

What the spammers now does is try to control which of my halfdecks are being visible.

So they are now letting the more toothless halfdecks float to the top so I can see that my warning is there, and since I've purposely have established a pattern of not posting the next warning before the other is gone, it gives me some new data to work with. It's pavlovian but it works.

Everytime my warning contains a "good" deckhalf, which is somehow a threat to one of the spammers it gets the spam. But when the warning contains nothing threatening to the spammers they now leave it alone, and possibly even keep it afloat because they've detected that I don't put up a new warning if the old one is still there.

From time to time there has been spam-quirks where the spammers spam each others work, which is fun to see, but had me puzzled for a while.

The explanation lies in what gets spammed.
If one spammer is spamming with a deck that contains something threatening the decks of another spammer, then there will be a retaliation.

So all of that translates into behavioral patterns meant to get the public to see the least harmful decktypes.

Spammers are aware of each other and by subtle signaling they can reach agreement on what gets spammed in general.

Since the mtgvault team has been more active on mtggoldfish the decks there have been renewed by a series of mutual spam.

By spamming other peoples spam, an "okay I can tolerate this in the meta" form of deal gets struck.

This is why new set releases have virtually no impact on the format unless the new cards have an inbuilt weakness that the spammers think will be good to shape the meta with.

Looks like my bell deck will see some more delays.

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