"Bolt" & "booster"

by wickeddarkman on 24 November 2021

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Deck Description

Why is this deck divided into two separate halves ?

Before I answer that I must warn you that a group of thieves are operating from mtgvault (and other sites), they dig up information by breaking into accounts here or by posing as "friendly" users, then use any information they can get to either extort people, pickpocket tournament goers or breaking into houses to steal collections, so just like on Facebook, never reveal details about your collection or location or play schedule. Read a comprehensive file on their composure here.

Since I have been exposing them ever since. They retaliate by down voting all of my comments (which can still be read by clicking on the [+] close to the exiled comment. They also paint the picture that theft in magic is rare, which is a blatant lie.


First of all this project is on a very large scale which allows me to warn people about the thieves and their methods regularly, and I hope that the owner of this site will one day auto include warnings about theft, trolls and pedophiles to help younger users maintain a safer life.

Second, I'm upgrading the way I'm evolving decks, linking it with an older project called halfdecks, which basically put involves 30 card builds that put together form a 60 card deck. Using evolution to build decks for me has been a very longterm project that I'm now working to improve.

Third I'm resurrecting my old dreams of beating modern with commoncards, so the overall goal will be to create a bunch of deck halves that put together can defeat most modern decks. That means a lot of different designs that can be turned into pauper or peasant decks. I will tag them as commonkill as that's what it was called when I got into it.

How to Play

RED DECKHALF: (overall feel)

Collateral damage:
Is a little tried to grim initiate, but each initiate brings a zombie that can keep collateral damage active.

Crumbling vestige:
Make it a dual if you don't play commonkill.

Grim initiate:
serves a lot of purposes in the deck. If blocked, bolt the blocker then repeat next turn, or use it to cast two collateral damage losing only grim initiate.

Gut shot:
This card will probably be featured in every deckhalf and is way better than I remembered.

Shard volley:
can be used against merfolk designs by removing your islands and stopping their islandwalk. (Important when they have spreading seas) currently being measured.

Skewer the critics:
Attacking early with grim initiate will make your opponent fear the first strike on it when you deal with blockers by gut shot or seal of fire. That means an opponent will let the 1 damage through, and you can then cast skewer the critics for R.

4 slots are available for creatures.

List of subjects:
Fanatical firebrand
Boros recruit
Priest of Ioras
Skitter of lizards
Fearless pup
Grim initiate

DECKHALF: BOOST: (overall feeling)
Usually in aggro matchups, the one with the biggest creatures end up breaking through and winning, but in a few cases it's the one with the most balanced mana base that manages to throw down an overwhelming force. This deckhalf is trying to perform both. Throw down creatures at a fast pace, then when encountering something bigger, pump your way through.

NOTE: boost is one of the more experimental halves, so expect it to change drastically in upcoming builds.

Slaughterhorn: can be used to kill phantasmal image

Clear the path with bolts, then swing with self boosting creatures.
I'd wish there was more mana for the boosts, but this whole project is sort of taking an approach of as few lands as possible.

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