Breaking // entering

by wickeddarkman on 30 July 2020

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Welcome to the database of my stream of thought mill.
By searching for the tag: wdm mill guide you can access the whole thing.
Cards in the sideboard are mentioned in the article, so when I write about how I use them, you can study all the details of the mentioned card.

Breaking // entering is an interesting card on many levels and I have generally used it in association with four strategies.
1: using it as a means to cast chancellor of the Spires one turn faster, which demands that I put it in the graveyard first with oona's prowler.
2: to boost mindshrieker, as mindshrieker counts the full cost of both parts of the card (currently mindshrieker is not in my deck)
3: to mill 8 cards.
4: resurrecting needed creatures. If for example a game against burn drags out and I've sideboarded jorubai murk lurker, it could be a good idea to resurrect one to increase the lifegain.

Again search for the tag: wdm mill guide to see it all.

Also if more people create sub databases like this we could search for a deckname like stream of thought to see all guides made by people on how to use that card.
A shared concept like that would bring extensive knowledge on any card.

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Deck discussion for Breaking // entering

That would be interesting, except that’s what card reviews are for

Posted Thursday at 12:08


Yeah, but this would happen automatically, by default.
Also the benefits of describing each card on a single page are huge. Just think about how some of my older decks have their own wall of text to describe the cards. Now I can always look at my own database and remember what cards have synergy. It makes my own deckbuilding faster and more efficient.

In the future if I wonder why I had a card in a deck I can look it up.
Each card file serves a great purpose as external memory. It's out of my own head and I can memorize other stuff.

Posted Thursday at 13:07