Chancellor of the spires

by wickeddarkman on 29 July 2020

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Deck Description

Welcome to my card guide which focuses on my current mill.
The sideboard is a lust of cards in my mill that has synergy with the title card.

Chancellor of the Spires is one of the most overlooked mill-cards in magic, and I will probably always use it in my own mill designs.

The first time I ever used it, it was 3 in the sideboard of one of my fastest mill decks with 4 surgical extraction. Those 7 cards were chosen to fight any combo deck I would meet. I got a fourth place with the deck and had learned an important lesson.
Practically all the decks I met I chose to side in the 7 cards, so why not try it with the mainboard.

The key to use mill as a deck is pretty much tied into the knowledge you get about the opponents deck at the early game. No other millcard can reveal 7 of the opponents cards if they start the game, and with surgical extraction in your opening hand as well you can rip combo appart at their upkeep.

My early designs were focussed a lot around abusing breaking//entering, but soon it sort of became a thing that just happens when it happens.

Against controldecks I get to cast this card rather frequently, which has always made me wonder about how it happens. By that time the opponent has usually exhausted their counterspells on my other mill, even if they saw it at the opening hand. This creates synergy with jorubai murk lurker, which can give it lifelink, which sometimes means I get to attack with it.

My fascination with this card sort of works against ensnaring bridge, which is why my design often uses oona's prowler. It also enables me to abuse breaking//entering that more often.

The games where I play a chancellor I often get some pretty weird picks from their graveyard, but occasionally there's a useful card among them.

See all of my mill deck by searching for the tag: wdm mill guide

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Deck discussion for Chancellor of the spires

This card was in my first and favorite mill to this day

Posted Wednesday at 18:18


Yeah I loved it so much I even bought the 4 serum powder I own just to try to see how much I could mill.
Back then I also used archive trap with benevolent benefactor, veteran explorer and fertillid. It was in legacy.

Posted Wednesday at 18:39


It was a phenax mill meant for late game, so no powders

Posted Wednesday at 21:35