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by wickeddarkman on 16 October 2019

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Deck Description

Did you know I have a frontpage ?

You might not know me if you are one of the newcomers, but I am wickeddarkman.
To some I'm a troll, others think of me as a hero and most don't get what side of wonderland I've been hauling from.

Whatever my image I have quite a lot of reputation. 500+ points.

How do I get all those points in that system?

Well try looking at my number of comments. 15000+

That's right I'm a total blabbermouth, and I always upvote other peoples comments.
In about 1 out of 20 of those upvotes get their favor returned.

True it's a small number, but I usually can't shut up once I've engaged.

Here's another wild theory thrown from the wicked light zone, it's the cause of my high reputation.

So if you are new and is wondering why you don't have any reputation despite the fact that you have 200+ decks, the simple explanation is that your generation have forgotten to talk with each other.

Now go out there and pick a deck with no upvotes, and no comments and simply engage the owner of that deck, and if your reputation doesn't increase within 20 comments with the unfortunate target, then you've disproved my newest theory you bastard.

For the sakes of this experiment also try not to make this front page because then we will all be swamped with comments and I will get the blame and lose all of my precious fame.

Another way to test the theory is if you have a higher reputation than me, but less comments. If enough people list their reputation and comments we could work out the value of comments.

Oh, and I'd like to chat with someone who has more comments than me :)

Anyways, I'm blabbering so let's leave it at that...

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Deck discussion for Comments increase reputation

I always average about 1 reputation per comment. You've been on here longer than me, so you should have higher numbers.

Posted 19 October 2019 at 19:07


Unless a number of people downvotes me more than you, I am trollish to some :)

As a sidenote I rarely get more than 2 upvotes for any post, so much if this must be feeding back from my page-Jack of your thread, tylo :) if that doesn't make me a sad troll as well, I don't deserve my own name.

Posted 19 October 2019 at 21:57


I guess I hadn't even noticed there was a "reputation" function. Huh, try to comment on the decks that catch my eye and make me visualize what they are playing. I like the site so I try to link it when I can.

Posted 22 October 2019 at 23:57


Most of the time people don't upvote comments, but if your comments are useful you will get them. And enough interesting comments will make people want to know more about you so they will visit some of your decks and upvote/comment on them.

Posted 23 October 2019 at 00:11


Hey thanks for the advice. I too can blabber away if i have the time too. I do t have many decks on here but ive been a member for a while now.

Posted 06 December 2019 at 03:16


It happens to some people :)
I'm here less frequently than I wanted this year

Posted 10 December 2019 at 22:12


I dont do many descriptions of my decks or walk throughs. Not any good at it. But i love building them and playing. Have a simic elf deck i could use some advice on

Posted 10 December 2019 at 22:46


I'm pretty outdated on the new series and decks. These days I'm into oldschool, because I'm building a deck building tool and need to test it in an environment with few changes. Basically it's a sort of papercomputer that can build a deck from scratch into something competitive within a month if you have enough spare time.

Posted 11 December 2019 at 00:24


Well that is amazing

Posted 11 December 2019 at 03:44


It's a rather simple process that can be used in very complex ways.
I started out using a single paperstrip to keep track of a single goblin, because my computer had broken down, now paperstrips build the deck through what is called statistical optimisation.

There is many ways to use it, and back in the days where I didn't think full scale, I used the method to design my manabase.

I'm working on a deck article about it.

Posted 11 December 2019 at 05:41