Compelling argument

by wickeddarkman on 31 August 2020

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Welcome to the "database" of cards in my deck: stream of thought mill
See all the cards listed in the database by searching for the tag: wdm mill guide

The cards in this sideboard are covered in details in this article so you can see them while you read about how I use them.


Since millcards that just mills are on their way out of this deck, I'm testing if 3 of these can replace 3 glimpse the unthinkable.

So far they are only used for the cycling and as kill if it's possible.

The cycling ability supports a couple of other cards. Stream of thought is an obvious way to reuse cyclecards and I have cycled some times to cast darkblast twice as a response. This means that a darkblast can be cast during my own upkeep, then I redraw it at cast it after my draw, and then I cycle, redraw the darkblast and cast it a third time. This demands 3 black mana and a blue, but can be quite a shock for the opponent who plays weenie.

I have pulled a kill of with compelling argument, thanks to fraying sanity and other millcards.

Having 3 compelling argument in the deck has changed the odds of drawing a card reshuffled with stream of thought from 1 in 5 games to 1 in 2.6 games (let's just say 1 in 3) this is a pretty good average.

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