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by wickeddarkman on 24 July 2021

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Deck Description

This is a list of users who goes that extra mile in order to produce a well designed deck, and sometimes even adds tags or a description or some structure that makes it easy to go through their lists.

If you are on the list, feel free to contact the other members on it, and they may answer you, though noone is obligated to it.

If you aren't on the list, consider making an extra effort, contact me, I'll look through your stuff and evaluate you. If you are an EDH player I will need someone else to judge you.

Dninja89 (deckplay on youtube)
Theswarmer (might not respond to contact due to break)

When this list is growing bigger the old elite will be less visible in it, they did wear themselves out by holding this place together, and now life has gotten in the way of their former passion. They are included because even though they are burned out they still maintain a high level of quality.

This list will shape an elite in here, and ironically I've fought against elitism all of my life despite striving towards greatness at all cost myself. I have a timehonored tradition of trying to bring tools to the masses to bring down the very same elite that I'm trying to breathe life into here.

I'm not fond of crushing the new and hopefully, I'm fond of crushing the big cannons, taking out the largest brains with my old gnarled gray mass of weirdness.
But I can't stomp on an elite if it isn't present.

So in many ways this list is a list of targets.

I wouldn't dream of crushing you in mtgvault or any other forum, in here you will be nourished and grown large, but at the tournaments you will be mine, to harvest and to eat, so please make magic more competitive, I need to stomp on you in the sweaty halls of battle :)

And if you feel the need to stomp on me in mtgvault, do so, I can take it, but I discourage that you do it on anyone else but me...

Yeah, that's a bit weird, I guess...

Update: 30/08/2021
The list is growing a little less fast than I wanted to, but actually faster than I expected. I've also seen a lot of users contacting each other which is great news.
And there seems to be more quality made in general. One effect seems to be that older users with semi-quality is on the rise, while users with absolutely no quality are on a retreat, and I take that as a sign of people striving to better themselves.

While my list seems to do the job I intended it to, I do expect trouble at some point in the future, and when that time comes I hope that some of you will have realized that the part that made "the list" work is my use of the 4 links template.

I have yet another list for people who think I'm trolling mtgvault with the list.
If you complain I'll gladly put you on that list... you can however disagree with the concept and still make it to the good user list, despite your disagreement.

How to Play

The featured deck is hopefully an arena mill deck.
(Depending on what historic horizons/jumpstart brings)

I have a long standing tradition for what I call "speed mill".

Speed mill is based on the concept that all cards in the deck must be able to mill so that every card strives toward increasing the mill gameplan.

Usually speed mill did not have a defensive plan because in the past there were not a lot of defensive mill cards.

This means that there can suddenly be the tradeoff of decreasing the speed of the mill, making a new milltype available.

I think I will dub it "compact mill" because it still runs the strategy of keeping all cards as mill cards.

I hope some arena player one day sees the power of this move.

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  • Mill
  • Mono Blue

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Deck discussion for Contact list:

"Milling" is a keyword now!? I am surely getting too old for this^^

Maybe put the original Millstone into the sideboard so the younger generation knows why it's called like that.

Posted 24 August 2021 at 21:23


The legend of Millstone, that's pretty known lore :)
Anyone digging into the past of mill will learn about it, and now that we've talked about it, it would be pointless :D
Milling is now searchable in databases like scryfall, and that makes deckbuilding easier for the new generations but a few obscure cards lurk around in the game, known only to those who delve deeper than... delver :)

The deck is arena by the way

Here's my modern version...

Posted 24 August 2021 at 21:35


Some "alternative" cards, like Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker or Mind Funeral cannot be found this way. On MTGVault you still have to search the classic way, as long as the "mill" keyword is explained with a reminder text on the cards, it' no problem, but in some years, this might become one.

Posted 25 August 2021 at 08:29


When I search new sets for "hidden" mill cards I use scryfall and simply search for cards with the word top.

Posted 25 August 2021 at 08:50


Cheers for the add :D

Posted Tuesday at 13:12