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by wickeddarkman on 09 June 2021

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Deck Description

I'm building up a list of content creators that are trying to "set up shop" in here...
(I fully endorce it, let's try it at once)

I will try to collect all of you, so if you are an outside mtg content creator with a fanbase who wants to expand to mtgvault, you are more that welcome to comment all I'll research you and add you to this list.

If you are a local content creator, and there are enough of us, then we might make a second list :)

(Also read the how to play section to learn how you can really please us )

DNinja89 (youtube)
Magicaidsyoutube (youtube)
Magicbrospodcast (???)
Supermegapanda (twitch)

This post uses the decktag: community talk
If you have a topic you want the community to discuss, use the tag freely

How to Play

First of all, visibility in mtgvault is a longterm gamble, so the best way to get people to realize that you are out there is to get any fans to carry around a small commercial for you.

In your deck description you could mention that you need fans to perform that small duty. Tell them to tell others about you. When they build a deck they can simply mention you at the bottom of their own deck description.

Use decktags:
I shamelessly promote my own content with the decktag: wdm, I suggest you start using one specific decktag in your own decks. By referring to it you make it easy for fans to find ALL of your work.

I also suggest you use the decktags podcaster or youtuber which will create a sub forum on mtgvault where people can find you weaving your work.

Being content creaters you will need to find out what makes people tick in mtgvault, and decktags is the best tool to run an analysis.

Search for the following decktags, the 20 newest will be displayed and I'd like you to note down how many of the posts got zero likes.


By using the "zero-scale" you can quickly learn which tags are currently most likely to get a like from our users. People in here are actually really bad at handing out likes so when the decktag: pioneer only gets 4 zeros and EDH gets 15 zeros it will tell you that content about pioneer is more likely to receive likes.

I used the zero-scale on my own decktag: wdm and at the time I wrote this I got 7 zeros, so I'm more popular than commander, but people like pioneer more than my own content.

If you create 20 posts you will be able to study your own popularity compared to me and any other content creator who joins in on this.

I wish you all good luck :)

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Deck discussion for Content creators [list]

It's been a while since I've done much on this site, and I kind of feel a little guilty about it, but I think I might try this. Maybe I'll get added to the list!

Posted Friday at 03:51


I knew you wanted to go pro modern at a time, didn't know you were a content creator :)

Posted Friday at 20:57


After realizing the kind of commitment, particularly of my very limited wallet, I kind of ended that road there. As far as content creation goes, I still occasionally make decks on here and I'm running a twitch channel, if that counts.

Posted Saturday at 03:09


I think twitch counts :)
Competitive magic does cost a lot, but it's possible to test everything with proxies before buying.
But yeah, takes commitment :)

Posted Saturday at 04:57