Countercat 2018

by wickeddarkman on 17 June 2022

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Deck Description

I never encountered countercat at a tournament in 2018, but I liked the effort that jordan boisvert put into the deck back in those days, where he starting to play it because he wanted to improve on his girlfriends version of the deck.

Today: 18/06/2022 I saw that he's been putting up a post about his various versions throughout time, and I found it relevant to display the version that I proxied back in 2018.

This is part of my collection of 64 testdecks from around 2018.
Go to my user account page and search for the decktag: wdm 2018

I've been a bit lazy about this 2018 archive project, but the goal has been to post all 64.

I'm currently testing a lot against the whole 2018 era which means I'm facing countercat on a regular basis. This version is not simple to pilot as you have to familiarize yourself with the manabase. Jordan boisvert has designed in a way that demands a certain playstyle which I guess is focused on his own preferred style, so be very aware that you have to spent some time learning how to pilot this brew.

Now that I've reached stage two of my commoncards vs modern meta, I'm going to work at posting them all along with an analysis of how I will defeat modern.

One important factor of beating a meta is being unpredictable, for that purpose my decks will consist of two randomly selected decks consisting of 30 cards each, all of which I'm working day and night at weaving them together on many levels.

It is an epic quest, and the whole concept will be outlined here:

How each of my 30 halfdecks might defeat this:
(Work in progress)

Mine collapse and flamewave invoker has been relevant in games against counter-cat.

Recumbent bliss, faith's fetters and locthwain gargoyle have been usefull during the tests against this build.

The current focus is on classcombo and strike:

How to Play

Have you ever seen how tourists flock around it at the Louvre?

Well, criminals are flocking around magic players in a similar way, driven by the value of some magic cards.

At tournaments they can take a picture of the pairings, make a short walk among the tables identify the most expensive builds. They then have your name because they can look at the table number and see your name on the pairings. From that point they have a variety of tactics.

The smartest of them learn to blend in, they start playing to learn about the players
As well as which cards have the most value.

They only need to shadow you once, to learn which car is yours and where you live and then they just need to plan when to strike, and if you post anywhere about going to a tournament, they know that they can target either your car or your home while you are playing.

But some are smart enough to realise that social media is the way to earn the most.

By learning which sites are visited the most, they can start up a surveillance of the best prospects of crime.

I believe I was first introduced to mtgvault by a Danish thief, while we were playing a game at a tournament. Because we were playing he would be able to identify me if I created an account, and started posting about it.

The decks you post, will be full of hints about who you might be, and writing about tournaments will make it easy for them to strike.

After our encounter I have been pickpocketed for a deck, and attempts have been made at breaking in at my apartment, several times, it's a good thing that I've got two locks, one harder than the other.

The whole setup of magic sites and tournaments makes it a criminal paradise, and the trolls we got in here, is most likely to be criminals, because whenever I attach this warning to any deck, the spam increases. A lot...

I've taken some breaks with the warning a couple of times, and then the spam drops to a minimum.

Anyways, I believe that Gary, owner of the site should work out an automated warning that appears whenever you are about to post a deck, so you can back up and think about if any thief might be lining you up for a rob.

I believe that close to 4 out of 5 decks is spam decks made by thieves in the Hope's that they can get you into a talk where you reveal too much, while at the same time covering my warning.

I'd strongly advise you to not write about your tournament life or your economy, especially if there's theft in your circles of play.

Even an innocent question like "What budget are you aiming for" could be asked with sinister intent, but it's a common question also asked by friendly people who wants to help, which makes it all the more tragic.

I've warned you, so the rest is up to you.

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