Crunching the codes...

by wickeddarkman on 19 June 2022

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Deck Description

Wi = 364
Ic = 1003
Ck = 848
Ke = 860
Ed = 769
Dd = 222
Da = 977
Ar = 2325
Rk = 452
Km = 89
Ma = 2016
An = 2892

So, your probably thinking "what the hell is this ???"

It's basically a smoking gun...

I've told a week ago that I'd start building up a small archive of combinations of letters because they would reveal troll activity.

The letters are letters that you simply get by getting the search engine to search for among usernames, and the numbers are the number of pages of decks.

Try for example to search for the username "na" you will get 2892 pages to choose between.

This is how I uncovered the tragic story of "Dee Dee" the troll. Or double D.
Dee dee isn't just one fake account, dee dee is many accounts, and when I started to post in here, dee dee was already frolicking these trolly fields.

However, my productivity meant that poor dee dee was drowned in articles, and almost became a laughing stock among the trolls.

At first dee dee tried to piss me off by using vague versions of my name, perhaps to get me to create a new name that was less similare to the users that seemed to be on mtgvault. I was pretty oblivious to that.

Since DD wasn't the only one with this problem, many trolls faced a threat to their funtime, because I was unknowingly cockblocking their searches for themselves which made things less fun, and created more work for the individuals hit.

Most of the trolls quickly abbandonned the search words that reveals my name, but a few of them stayed for a while and kept up the battle.

As a token of revenge, they started spamming whenever I wrote something, and for a while I got desperate and had some rage deleted where I deleted stuff, which made the trolls jubilant, because they were then free to be seen again.

It didn't last as I started to work more methodological and soon I discovered that the spam basically happened just after I posted stuff.

Which is why I'm going to start using alternate accounts myself, designed to include all the troll code combinations in as few names as possible.

This will mean that ALL of you trolls are going to be burried in article after article based on whatever magic stuff I can think of...

And you can't stop me.

All your alts are belong to me...

And lokibear ?

I have a feeling you are dee dee, because you always were the bitchy troll.

Update: 20/06/2022:
What I'm looking at are a bunch of core codenames made out of two letters, that are supported by an additional letter, which is switched when someone suspects one of the tri-codes. It's a simple system but can be hard to pin down when the trolls use many of them. Preparing a more detailed look.

The good news is that they've used this system for so long that I will be able to pinpoint individual preferences and so will be able to map the routines of each troll so I will know exactly when to expect their activities which means I get to decrease my own.

I'm also winning a "value-war" in which we value different aspects of mtgvault, and by attacking those aspects win more. The trolls seem to have a difficult time figuring out my values despite the fact that I thoroughly line them up :), but hey, liars think everyone lies.

(Honest people also think most people are honest. We all see the world through our own filters)

Guess the code reveal slapped them in their faces...

Being able to track their movements and be able to tell their "stories" will be heavy weapons against them if I can get gary to make me a mod. Knowing that "dd" was used heavily before I arrived, and then when I started to increase my activity, users with "dd" in their usernames suddenly stopped posting.

It's the same guts using a number of codes, but once there is a heavy trafic on this site they have to use codes with more unusual letter combinations, which makes them just a little more easy to spot.

This is why they were very opposed to my idea that we could all strangle them to death by being more active. I'm doing it singlehandedly now.

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