by wickeddarkman on 30 July 2020

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Welcome to my database of cards in my stream of thought mill
By searching for the tag: wdm mill guide you can see all cards involved.
The cards in the sideboard are cards that get mentioned in this article so you can look them up while reading how I use them.

Damnation is new to this deck, so I got no real reports on its synergy with other parts.

I was actually hoping that black sun's Zenith would have won this slot, but let's see how long damnation manages to hang on. In past builds I've even had bontu's last Reckoning in decks, but damnation usually don't manage to hang around for very long. So I'll keep track of it carefully this time.

Damnation isn't used so often in mill, and in the past the greatest decks have been pure UB, and only 1-2 were used. Either both were in main or 1 was in main, the other was in the sideboard.

If damnation settles down in the design, I fear that it will frequently disrupt the synergy between oona's prowler and ensnaring bridge. It might also diminish the number of merfolk secretkeeper // venture deeper.

Wdm mill guide
The tag that will take you deeper into my mushy mind.

If others started to copy my database structure it would enable people to search for decks with names like damnation and they would get a wide selection of people who describe how to use the card. We'd all learn the new tricks so much faster.

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Deck discussion for Damnation

I will do it, on my best deck ever once I’m sure of what it is, and my favorite of each type ex. creature.

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It takes a bit of patience, but in the end it frees the mind.
I have a notebook backup just in case mtgvault dies unexpectedly (or Gary the creator)

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I have nothing, and hope mtgvault will die with notice, so I can take notes, and move it onto a different site

Posted Thursday at 23:56


Site-napping :) lol

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