by wickeddarkman on 30 July 2020

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Welcome to the database on my mill deck.
You can see all of it by using the tag: wicked mill guide
The cards in the sideboard are mentioned in this article and you can look at them while reading how I use them.

Ah, darkblast. Back when mill-decks with archive trap had their first top 8 victories, darkblast was a stable card in their sideboard.

Few know that a single darkblast can take out a 2/2 creature, but if you cast it during your upkeep the creature gets -1/1, then you dredge the darkblast and simply cast it again, so the creature faces -2/2.

Because of its dredge ability, when darkblast is used early it provides options for you a bit later when you use stream of thought to cherry pick what you want to reshuffle into the deck. The more you dredge, the faster you get what you need.

Startled awake is one of the cards you might leave in the grave until you get the mana for it. My deck is full of creature destruction, but having a 1/1 skulk as a blocker lategame might save you from something nasty, and it has replay value.

A single darkblast in your hand can make an affinity or infect player hold back for some turns, which buys you valuable time. Humans and some elemental decks will also be brought to a halt if you use the trick of giving something -2/-2 which is why millers used it back in mills heyday.

Wdm mill guide
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Deck discussion for Darkblast

The -2/-2 thing is cool

Posted Thursday at 12:09


Yeah, many people swallow a toad first time you do it ;)
Last time I did it was against someone with a goblin guide and a deck full of goblins.
He conceded the first game when I kept killing everything he threw down.
Next game he got smarter and kept a small flock in the hand before playing them all in a swoop. (Aether vial and lands) I can't handle two goblin chieftain.

Posted Thursday at 12:59