Deaths shadow and taxes

by wickeddarkman on 26 March 2021

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Deck Description

Sometimes I get some pretty far out ideas...

I don't know if death's shadow and taxes have ever been built before, but this is my first version of it.

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Bonus info...

Today I invented a new spell to use in call of cthulhu.

I call it "summon ing"

Ing will of course be some sort of monster or entity.

The plan is to set up the scenario so that the players are trying to infiltrate a bunch of cultists, and at some point a cultist is going to state that "tonight we are trying out a summon ing"

If a player then asks what they are going to summon, someone answers "ing, we are going to summon ing"

If a player jokes around this, a cultist will roar "infiltrator" and that player will be overwhelmed and the cultist sacrifice the person to ing at full moon.

Crazy idea, but it will probably be as the scenario where I made a lot comical Indian names like "yellow stream" "pale branch" "slippery beaver" and other pornlike names.

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Deck discussion for Deaths shadow and taxes

First time I've seen non-red shadow

Posted 26 March 2021 at 10:43


Yeah, it was a sudden rare insight :)
The lands can be optimised for lifeless.
I think maybe bw eldrazi taxes could be the better shell, but I really love the lockdown with big critter concept.
If they have no mana, death's shadow is a quick finish.

Posted 26 March 2021 at 19:01


This deck looks like it can afford to wait for one, so I recomend trying taking out shadow (As it nearly all scenarios it is weaker) and trying something like Shalai to protect the one you do have

Posted 26 March 2021 at 19:58


Æther Vial is the primary card in this.
Playing it turn 1 and then starting to ghostquarter is powerfull as hell.
The problem with that strategy is that some games you wont get to do it.

That is where death's shadow builds may actually give it the added edge.
By using street Wraith, the odds of a lockdown hand simply increases.
The vial ensures that your game progresses while the opponent will be locked down.

So, growing the death's shadow into a castable size will be a high priority.
Street Wraith is efficient and painlands will also bring speed.
The borderline is loosing 8 life to start casting the shadow so how fast can it be done ?

Playing a fetch, a painland and a thoughtseize costs 5 life, and playing a second fetch and painland at turn 2 will bring us to a lifeless of 8, meaning a 1/1 shadow on turn 2 is very realistic.

Halting the opponent will be part of the challenge, so aiming at a turn 3 shadow will be better.

So let's say we go with discard at the earliest game.
Thoughtseize and inquisition of kozilek as game openers turn 1.
This brings us information, and so we can estimate which will lock down the opponent more, thalia, arbiter or revoker.
Since we did discard, and our turn 2 is based on playing a locking creature odds are that we have been smart about it and taken out some removal.

If the opponent has fetchlands themselves we can afford to lock down fetchlands because we know that we play æther vial, and 2e have the land to engage in the strategy.

This is just the opening of the game, and there are plenty of ways to keep this going.
The aim will be to focus on protecting death's shadow long enough to win with it.

The easy way will be to focus on phyrexian mana, paying life to get there.
Noxious revival will give us several tries to lock down the game with the three lock-critters, and this can be expanded upon with a lot of other phyrexian cards. We got the green card that costs us 2 life and grows a creature with +2/+2, or the instant white card that gives a creature or artifact protection from a color.

I'm pretty sure I can take version 2 of this much further, and that turn three shadow will be pretty big, and unstoppable and the opponent will really lack the mana to stop it.

The most challenging aspect will be to play fetchlands too, but locking them down early.

Posted 26 March 2021 at 22:49


Didn't answer my question of is 8 shadows to many, also assuming they play painlands a turn 2 scourge is plausible

Posted 26 March 2021 at 23:13


When I run on numbers, 8 is usually a reoccurring one.
Death and taxes usually run cheap and small creatures to win, so shadow and scourge are likely to add speed, at the cost of life.

Is 8 shadows too many ?
I think the question is more like, if you could play any number of death's shadow, how many would people play ?
I would start at 12 and then slowly cut a few.

Posted 26 March 2021 at 23:25


How many you want to play is very dependent on the deck, but you could just add in a lot of painlands and shadows and I don't think it would be half-bad. For this deck it seems more on the grindy side and shadow can do that, but it also has a lot of ways to mess with your opponent something shadow doesn't really do.

Posted 26 March 2021 at 23:31


It's really an odd deck, but I believe it could be really nasty in modern.

D&T usually fights combo with thalia alone. This has thoughtseize.
D&T fights aggro by being able to play as a control deck, but can be stopped by big critters. Shadow breaks that.
D&T goes against control by strangling controls mana supplies and strike quickly. This is even quicker.

I'm pretty certain this should have been build a long time ago, as the two decktypes complement each other so well.

Remember my post about "deck packages" the d&t part of the deck is more or less a package, that you can throw together with anything else and still get decent results.

My decktag: wdm prison sort of uses a larger package to envelope a small combo package.

Perhaps your arena project could prosper from doing something similar.
My whole halfdeck concept is sort of a precursor to packages.

Posted 26 March 2021 at 23:48


I was wondering if you really need 8 shadows, I wasn't saying that shadow wasn't a good addition to the deck

Posted 26 March 2021 at 23:51


This design was just thrown up on the wall like a bucket of paint :)
I actually think that gurmag angler might be better than scourge.
But I think around 5-6 big creatures might be the best amount.
I know from simulations that 5 islands is the optimal number if you want to draw just one, but as early as possible.
The same number could apply to a big "easy to cast creature".

Posted 27 March 2021 at 00:08