Eldrazi ingest v1

by wickeddarkman on 06 April 2021

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Deck Description

This deck is an experimental prototype.

A number of eldrazi thrive on the opponent having cards in exile, so I wanted to see how easy that would be to exploit.

Turns out it's freaking difficult...

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Deck discussion for Eldrazi ingest v1

The payoffs all seem bad

Posted 06 April 2021 at 22:44


You got that right...
Makes me wonder if the eldrazi won't come back with more focus on ingest.
Out of them all there are only three which can permanently exploit the ingest mechanic.
Two are blue, and one is green.

Maybe it's better to use the ones with ingest rather than try to cheat on the mechanic ?

Posted 06 April 2021 at 23:33


This will only ever work if you can get a good payoff, anyone can Telly’s that goryo‘s vengeance is a strong card, but if all your legendary creatures are at most 4 mana, it’s not good

Posted 07 April 2021 at 00:10


Well it is a prototype, so I'm not expecting miracles here :)
One day there might be some cards that fit, so it's more or less just an idea...

I'm having better progress with the real ingest eldrazi.

Posted 07 April 2021 at 02:17


It's a good idea, but I would hold off until they make a good payoff for it, and I don't think they will soon.

Posted 07 April 2021 at 12:50


Who knows, sometimes the mechanics of older sets simply goes bonkers with the mechanics of new sets.
Magecraft already have been connected to 5 infinite loop cards from the past. Cards that usually weren't thought of as being loop cards.

All of the cheap magecraft creatures will be shaking modern and legacy and possibly even vintage.

One of the loop cards...
Chain of smog. It was part of a 5 card cycle and all 5 cards do the loop. Prices for these are exploding through the roof.

Posted 07 April 2021 at 14:56


The difference is some of them aren't as possible to go infinite, because of what the effect is ex. chain lightning

Posted 07 April 2021 at 15:00


They can all go infinite loop, but yeah, you will need ways to exploit their loopyness.
If chain of smog gets the axe because wotc wants to preserve the newest cards the most, then someone will figure out how to abuse one of the 4 other, so I'm gonna mark them down as future value.

Posted 07 April 2021 at 15:17


Chain of acid will need an indesctruuctible non-creature, chain of plasma will need an indestructible creature, chain of silence and chain of vapor require infinite lands, so plasma and acid are the only ones I see breaking anything

Posted 07 April 2021 at 15:22


That's already two out of three ;)
I've taken a look in mtgvault, and there's at least 1 interesting ingest "standard" deck
I'll probably start a research on other ingest decks from standard.

Posted 07 April 2021 at 15:42


Also you could make the argument that since any of them could do it theoretically that's the broken mechanic instead of mage craft. Also you can't ban every magecraft card, buth there are 3 broken cards that go infinite by themselves can be broken.

Posted 07 April 2021 at 15:44


The "essence" of what these 5 cards do has already been broken into a "formula" that people can use at card search engines to find cards with exactly the same results as the first 5. It's a matter of little time before all of these cards have been mapped.

When it comes to bans wotc traditionally avoid banning the new cards, because people buying magic cards rarely take it well when they don't get to play with what they bought.

So the really interesting thing here is how to profit on the whole setup.
New cards are released, some cards are broken and gain value, a few old cards gain more value.

In general it can be said that all old cards gain value.

It's funny, but trying to reconstruct the eldrazi ingest theme made me realise something.
All the brokenness that was found back then was focussed on a few cards that gained immense value
For a relatively short period of time. Then new brokenness was found and focussed on, and people sort of forget about the hysteria they used to have around a card, but mechanically the cards never really loses power, instead they loses attention.

So when someone suddenly plays an old combo and people remember it's awesomeness, then that combo regains some focus, but at that point people have forgotten the context the card came from, so they try to place the combo in a new shell, and loses out on the real value on the card, so the combo is less successful this time around, and is burried even deeper into the layers of the past, and it recurs less and less frequent.

The attention system can be hacked if you do it properly.
I think this might be my new means of making money.

I'll start to archive all the trendy stuff and keep a detailed description on how each card in the deck works together, then when the cards involved fades into obscurity, I got the details nailed down and know what cards I should buy into. I'll store it all and puzzle around with it discovering new aspects while the world is caught up being attentive to the new stuff.

Then I'll walk in at a tournament one day and go completely "blast from the past" making a lot of people remember all the glory of the cards involved, and because it's the past, it will gain more attention by the older players who have the buying power and experience to go all in reinvesting in those past cards.

I can then sell stuff I bought for cheap at a high price.

It all demands that I get better at storing proxydecks and articles about the cards.
That I get better at dissecting decks into "packages" that can be transferred from deck to deck.

Turns out young people are truly damn lazy about the past.
They no longer give it any consideration, so longterm it's actually just a matter of bringing that past back over and over while making a profit of it each time.

When the focus falls on specific cards I can then buy them for cheap all over again.

I think I'll try this concept out with the eldrazi ingest theme.
I've stumbled into enough material to start a massive revival with those.

Take for instance eldrazi displacer.
I frequently tell people playing death and taxes about it, but they lack the context about it.
They can't visualise the games it were in, and how it truly owned the games for a long period of time.

It never lost its power, neither did the cards it were played with, it just lost attention.

And that's another aspect of it all, sometimes peoples attention is drawn too much by a few cards, enough to draw the attention from other contemporary cards, which means that the direction of some decks simply get hijacked by the larger focus.

At the end peak of eldrazi displacers highlight it was played in blue/white variants and was flirting with bant, but then the focus changed and it simply got lost with so many other cards.

Looking at the eldrazi theme anew I found an undiscovered interaction with another green devoid eldrazi.
One that seems like it was undiscovered by players at the time.

Let's see if you can guess which eldrazi it is.
After all there's only a few green devoid eldrazi out there :)

Posted 07 April 2021 at 17:27


I disagree, most cards lose power once, in the displacer case when bloodmoon starts to shine, and people just forget about it.

Posted 07 April 2021 at 17:55


Bloodmoon will easily be fixed with "wastes"
Come to think of it, wastes were never that big a hit, so I might start hoarding those for starters.
People never get how easy it is to fix the mana to bypass bloodmoon.

If bloodmoon is the only thing blocking eldrazi displacer, then it will be pretty easy to bring it back into power.

Posted 07 April 2021 at 18:21


The main decks that ran it were taxes deck, and in bloodmoon your choices were either displacer or any other colour, and displacer was more costly, because colourless has no painlands. There were some people playing it, but it wasn't always as worth it as a splash of another colour. But now that bloodmoon is dead, you can have the splash and displacer.

Posted 07 April 2021 at 18:31


I actually keep track of death and taxes evolution because I indirectly caused it's creation in Denmark, because I held a contest with my black lotus and some moxen as the prices.

The reason why eldrazi displacer slipped out of death and taxes was because stoneforger mystic became legal again, and people needed to cut something because in the past stoneforger mystic was incredibly powerful.

It is something I tell people frequently, and this is a fine example of how the attention towards a good card slips when people speculate that something else is better. The shift between playing eldrazi displacer and then playing stoneforge mystic was pretty fast. Everyone scrambled to get the copies of stoneforge before the prices were raised
Which sort of made the change go viral so that within a few days stoneforge mystic was "it" and eldrazi displacer which had only had a home in that deck alone, suddenly became homeless and dropped in value because people trying to get stoneforge would sell it to others before the prices dropped.

Bloodmoon may have added towards a faster transition but I think the real reason for its downfall has been the myths build up around the stoneforge package.

This is also a splendid example of how a package is very powerfull as a concept, and creating "blast from the past packages" might actually end up becoming a new economical trend within the game. New players will be the most likely target group, as they want to be competitive, but usually can't afford to buy the newest cards.

I can't believe that this isn't already a part of the game.
It's such a simple concept.

I have so many old cards packed together, never being used by anyone, which could become a startup for this concept.

I'll go deep researching on each cycle and handpick a lot of packages, make a lot of old decks that can compete with the actual meta (probably modern) and sell them.

For the money I will buy up a ton of cards forming the basis of the next "sale"
While the set is at its peak I'll register all the attention makers to create new packages, then as prices drop, I'll start buying it and mass produce decks made of old cards.

It will be like being a step ahead of everyone else by being ten steps behind :)

Posted 07 April 2021 at 19:03


That’s a good idea

Posted 07 April 2021 at 19:05


Yeah, if I had the economy I'd actually start hoarding strixhaven as the first real sample set.
The learn/lesson mechanic is the perfect starting base.
I'll be tracking the whole wishboard theme very close with this setup in my mind, because at first wishboards will dominate everything, articles are already being written about them and all of it can be tapped for data, articles, decklists, tournament reports. Then the craze will die out, new players won't understand what made wishboards good, they will create focus and attention on other things, and then prices will drop, and I'll be there, picking up the pieces, and perhaps 5, 10 or 15 years later the mechanic will be revisited and I'll be cashing in.

It's a longterm way of thinking, but I'm already in the longterm with my whole 2018 thing.
It's already a hobby that I do because I think it's fun, so why not learn how to read the signs of when to launch the rerun of a cycle and it's mechanics ?

It will be a new kind of learning experience, I might call it project timespiral because the idea is to bring past and future together.

I'll also continue a bit on the eldrazi theme as it's also a key to learn to dig for past articles in case I overlooked something. At the moment there are three key aspects to revisiting the eldrazi.

1: the ingest creatures exile stuff. Over the years exile has grown as a mechanic and may partially why recursion is less seen as a concept. Either exile will grow or it will become less dominant. In either case it's possible to design towards a future where either trend is dominating. Either exile is strong or recursion is strong, andbit will be a largescale cyclical event that can be used to test out the buy/sell idea.

2: the eldrazi processors. All processors turn exiled cards into the graveyard so they will be exploiting anything that exiles stuff. If exile as a mechanic grows any larger, I think eldrazi processors will be a recurring future theme. Since the eldrazi is tied into the rising popularity of lovecraft it will probably reoccur in a few years as lovecraft is slowly becoming more dominant.

3: the devoid mechanic is filled with other types of cards that exile.
If exile vs recursion becomes a cycle, then a lot of devoid cards will enter the same cycle and become an economic ruse. With the printing of devoid wotc actually made another thing possible. Improved color hosing. Since colorless is much more possible to build towards, color hosers in the future might become real powerhouses.
A revisit to the devoid mechanic may make people realise this as a new way to manipulate the meta.
If auriok champion is dominant, why not put a few devoid cards in the deck ?

It will be my first real economical adventure :)

Posted 07 April 2021 at 19:44


Trawling the past for decks.
Found a fun one that belongs to mekkakat, named
Ingestcrank [modern]

It looks like the past did have a lot of ingest based designs, but most of them turned up in standard.
It's interesting that standard players discovered the ingest synergy while the other formats went for an entirely different sort of strategy.

I'm not sure what to think about that yet.

Posted 07 April 2021 at 21:53


I def applaud the effort. The challenge is the fun. Even still- i feel like mind raker is just unplayable haha. I feel like you'd be better off with just some better "normal" interaction in its place? (fatal push/ the 4th thoughtseize etc). Or maybe splash green and run the ping lands in place of wastes so you can play ancient stirrings or something to get your better cards? Idk, tough build haha +1 for the challenge

Posted 07 April 2021 at 23:34


This is just version 1, which is sort of crappy
Version 2 is visible if you look for it.

Mind raker is actually decent as it is both discard and a beater. Compared to thought-knot seer it can enter play at turn 3-4 rather than turn 2-3.

Having 11 discard cards with 8 of them being beaters can be very good.

Posted 08 April 2021 at 06:46


Yeah maybe the comparison to TKS was what made it seem so unnattractive. It just feels like a much worse version of it, but hey if it works it works!

Posted 08 April 2021 at 14:39


It was a hit among ingest decks of the past :)

Posted 08 April 2021 at 18:10