Engineered explosives

by wickeddarkman on 02 August 2020

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Welcome to the database of cards in my stream of thought mill
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Cards in the sideboard are covered in this article so you can see the cards listed while reading how I use them.

I think the point where I started using EE, was when tokendecks were very popular in modern. With access to three colours in this deck things up to a cmc 3 can be blown away though I frequently don't go there to avoid losing ensnaring bridge.

EE is used in this deck to generally deal with creatures costing 0, 1 or 2, to buy me time enough to get ensnaring bridge down and get the hand to zero. That means I sometimes cast EE at 0 cost just to get a lower number of cards in hand.

Later EE became relevant against chalice of the void and other cards that hinder my mill, like, relic of progenitus or rest in peace both of which stops surgical extraction.

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