Glimpse the unthinkable

by wickeddarkman on 30 July 2020

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Welcome to the database of cards in my stream of thought mill
You can see all of the cards I've described by searching for the tag: wdm mill guide
Cards in the sideboard are described in this article so you can take a look at them while reading how I use them.

Glimpse is so powerful that it is one of the cards I frequently reshuffle with stream of thought or put back on top with noxious revival.

Usually when I see other people playing three coloured mill and see 4 glimpse on the list, I usually scold them for not using 3 glimpse and a mind Sculpt because odds are their mana will slow down their deck enough to make mind Sculpt better. I usually take great pride in creating the perfect mana for my mill, and at some stage when I add more red cards to this, I'll probably cut down to 3 myself.

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Deck discussion for Glimpse the unthinkable

This card has to be in all mill decks that aren’t mono blue or combo, it’s also great for self mill

Posted Thursday at 23:43


Most people actually don't use it in mill, but some of the best placing mill-decks in all time (like frank bequet's first place) have used it. (Not counting lantern mill or combo or esper-mill)

Posted Thursday at 23:47


I don’t think I’ve seen mill without it, but if you could direct it to me then maybe

Posted Thursday at 23:48


Work is now. I'll direct you tomorrow.

Posted Thursday at 23:54



Posted Thursday at 23:57