Halfdeck: classcombo

by wickeddarkman on 22 June 2022

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Deck Description

These 30 cards form a halfdeck, and if you don't know the concept I'll advise you to read more about the absolutely gigantic project in this link:

This exact halfdeck uses the decktag: classcombo
By clicking on my name and looking for that decktag at my most featured tags you can see all the halfdecks combined with this half and you can read how to play the resulting couple. Contact me if you want me to outline a specific couple from an updated viewpoint.

All of my halfdecks are tested against 64 testdecks proxied from the modern meta around 2018. They will all be listed under the decktag: wdm 2018

All of my 30 halfdecks have a frontpage like this and you can see all I've made by searching on my account page for the decktag: halfdeck front

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Now scroll down to the "how to play" section.

How to Play

This halfdeck was chosen to be built for two reasons, first I have had experiments at seeing how multicolored deckhalves would adapt to the situation of having a low mana curve just like with the deckhalf "whip it" and secondly I've needed a second combo half to explore a phenomenon I call "the gap".

I needed two combo decks with a different background to examine how much interaction between the halves are needed to make the result more efficient, but in order to do so I needed two combo halves with a minimum of interaction.

This combo is mostly known in pauper as moggwarts.
You play first day in class, then sacrifice putrid goblin to skirk prospector which brings it back. Do this a near infinite number of times and kill with flamewave invoker.

The half started out as pure combo, but has turned out to function better if the half is just aggressive and sometimes can combo at the spot, so try to use goblin matron to increase the aggression rather than trying to combo. Your opponent will likely think you want to combo and will work hard at disrupting it, so you will sort of trick them.

first day of class is a learn spell, so it can actually get lessons of all colors which may turn out to be extremely useful in the entire halfdeck project. I'll figure out a way to test out that aspect. Since your goal isn't to combo, the lesson you want to dig for the most is actually expanded anatomy.

The deckhalf is evolving towards becoming a "goblin tool" type of deck, and future work on it will be focussed on both increasing the combo, but also the tool and aggression aspect. Creatures like Akki blizzard herder and venomous changeling brings some pretty cool options into the deck and I'll do my best to nurture this when I evolve this halfdeck again.

Conjurer's bauble is a new addition to the deck and is an adaption against discard, and is a way to put specific goblins back into the deck so goblin matron can fetch them. Fortuitous find was close to end up in the deck too because it can loop with conjurer's bauble, although it's a slow loop. Maybe this too will become part of the deck in the future.

Decks coupled with this build can gain access to infinite mana, so a longterm goal is to give other halfdecks some nice x-spells that are decent in general, or cards that can use red or colorless mana in general. Level up creatures are a possibility.
On the other hand, that is a move that is sort of redundant if first day to class is fetching fractal summoning, but in a few cases you might not be able to provide two green mana for it, so the list below might be valuable to exploit in future builds.

Firehoof cavalry: 1/1 for W. (3R: gets +2/+0 until end of turn)
Locthwain gargoyle: 1/1 for 1. (4: gets +2/+0 until end of turn)
Skitter of lizards:

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