by wickeddarkman on 13 January 2022

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Deck Description

This 30 card halfdeck is fully updated and detailed at the "how to play" section.

read more about my gigantic halfdeck project in this link:

My regular readers can skip to my most recent news by following this link: https://www.mtgvault.com/wickeddarkman/decks/my-latest-posts/

This halfdeck uses the decktag: regenerate
By clicking on my name and looking for that decktag at my most featured tags you can see all the halfdecks combined with this half and you can read how to play the resulting couple.

All of my halfdecks are tested against an old reliable merfolk deck:

I also warn people about posting/storing personal data in mtgvault (or other parts of the internet) for example, posting when you will participate in a tournament will let thieves know you are out of your house. They may very well have your name and adress from stalking you home from a past tournament, and the decks you make public might hint at your collection size. Accounts with dumb passwords may be hacked so if you use mtgvault as a notepad, always keep in mind that someone might one day read it...

Finally, my warnings against thieves has resulted in a lot of spam by thieves and they frequently use several accounts to downvote everything I say in public. This means my comments are frequently exiled. You can read them by clicking with your mouse on the [+] near the exiled comment.

It's also a very good indication that they are still around, so if you want to take a punch at them, simply upvote those of my comments that have a downvote whenever you can.

How to Play

Regenerate can't help being a slow defensive build, but as soon as it gets past the bottleneck of getting enough mana to both play cards and pay for regeneration it will wall up efficiently.

This makes me think that it might need a few efficient "real walls" that can give it just the time to develope on the board. Best card might be traproot kami.

A second option is to use some efficient early removal, but green isn't exactly the color for that, so this deckhalf will probably be best when coupled with a deck filled with early removal. Nightshade peddler & toxic scorpion offers deathtouch which might be a different way to stall attackers.

Third option is to have some sort of ramp like option with either enchantments or elves, which will provide mana enough to play stuff and be able to regenerate early. This might even allow the half to become more aggressive in its playstyle.

One card that actually managed to surprised me has been kin-tree warden. I suspected it to be rather shitty because it costs 2 to regenerate, but in games where my lands get targeted, losing all green mana would mean that I'd lose the ability to block and regenerate. Kin-tree warden creates a backup regeneration capacity that is actually vital in some matches.

Terrifying presence is basically a fog with the capacity for removal when the stars are right. Azathoth phtang, ia ia.

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Deck discussion for HALFDECK: REGENERATE

I’m still reading up on your Halfdeck content but thanks for the warning. Such sad cowards.

Posted 14 January 2022 at 18:58


Eh, it's the way of the world.
The way I see it we've invented a series of strategies in this world, and as long as one strategy is viable some brains are bound to choose that strategy. It's an annoyance and might be our eventual downfall, but it is still around for a reason. It's in our nature to keep it available.

I'm basically fighting them because I'm part of another strategy, and see other advantages as the better solution.
I'm into a hive mind setup and see other people as an extension of the self. The more humans in my "pack" that can provide information, the more powerfull our total will be and everything becomes easier, but it only gains an advantage when a certain group size is gained.

In a way it's all about group dynamics and the structures we build around ourselves.
My real interest is in decoding how we build or design mental structures to gain a group advantage, and how individuals then restructure them to protect the "self" which is very much a structure too.

It's complex.

I've got an article about how we use mental structures to form the meta somewhere.
I'm working on hacking into that system and win by understanding the meta from that point of view.

To do it, I constantly develop other mental tools to stay sharp.

The way the world is now, can be hacked in a similar way, and learning how humans form the meta will help me knowing how the structures get formed.

Another easier way to say this is that sometimes a story brings an advantage if you use that story to guide your life.
Religion is one type of story, the law, and those who use it abuse it or break it is another type of story.

The concept of property is also a story we chose to believe in.

It's all stories, and they are all hackable. Theft is an ancient hack into the concept of property that exists because we talk about it, and some simply chose try it out. It doesn't make them hackers, they just imitate what is already there and just tweaks it a little, sort of like we do with a deck. It's the same principle.

Posted 14 January 2022 at 19:49


Maybe I spoke too soon. They are just utilizing a different strategy than my own.

Posted 15 January 2022 at 04:59


Bro another amazing deck

Posted 15 January 2022 at 06:22


One of your last decks is amazing too it’s call spam( how to avads )
I tried it on mtga amazing

Posted 15 January 2022 at 06:24


Just one thing you are missing on land and crumbling vestige is not ideal in this deck since it’s mono color ( besides gutshot)

Posted 15 January 2022 at 06:26


Seandude4: you can say that again :)

This version needs some more testing before I'd say it was good.
I commented on your comment at my deck: "spam, how to avoid it"
You went 10/10 with it :)
The above deck "is" monocolored if it gets shuffled together with another halfdeck of another color.

Posted 15 January 2022 at 14:55