Halfdeck: strike

by wickeddarkman on 23 June 2022

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Deck Description

These 30 cards form a halfdeck, and if you don't know the concept I'll advise you to read more about the absolutely gigantic project in this link:

This exact halfdeck uses the decktag: strike
By clicking on my name and looking for that decktag at my most featured tags you can see all the halfdecks combined with this half and you can read how to play the resulting couple. Contact me if you want me to outline a specific couple from an updated viewpoint.

All of my halfdecks are tested against 64 testdecks proxied from the modern meta around 2018. They will all be listed under the decktag: wdm 2018

All of my 30 halfdecks have a frontpage like this and you can see all I've made by searching on my account page for the decktag: halfdeck front

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You might want to know why the trolls are nesting in mtgvault and I got that covered if you follow this link to a deck in here:

Now scroll down to the "how to play" section.

How to Play

"Strike" deploys 9 creatures with first strike, 10 if you count battlegate mimic.
10 of the creatures also happens to be evasive, so the halfdeck can start out aggressive, forcing it's way through by aiding the early first strikers with gut shot and mutagenic growth, making the opponent scared of blocking. When they finally put a stop to this, you continue ramming through with the evasive while you form a wall out of your remaining first strikers to prevent retaliation.

Battlefield mimic lost some ground recently, but, there's a chance that learn cards like study break will bring it around because it can fetch spirit summoning.

Boon of safety: scry and gives a shield counter.

Brokers initiate:
Fast defence and if coupled with blue/green becomes offensive.

Study break: learn spell that taps critters.

I've tagged this as dune-brood because it's 4c and dune-brood nephilim has the same colors. There are 5 nephilim that can represent all 4c decktypes.

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  • Halfdeck front
  • 4c
  • Dune-Brood

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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