Hot grixis mill for modern!

by wickeddarkman on 08 February 2017

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Deck Description

Traditionally modernmill is split up into two larger strains (not counting lantern)

esper mill is the best pick for local or small online tournaments, while dimir mill has occasionally won at very large tournaments.

To my knowledge only a single grixis mill has ever gone top 8, which is sort of strange in my eyeview, since red has a lot to offer the sideboard.

UB and esper usually differ on a few points.
* Esper uses path to exile, while UB uses damnation instead.
*Esper uses less surgical extractions due to path to exile. UB keeps the surgical.

That's pretty much it...

So if all that really defines Esper is path to exile, and damnation defines UB, then why not let anger of the gods define Grixis mill???

Since Esper cuts 1 surgical due to path, that means that Grixis would also cut 1 due to anger of the gods, and so we have a milldeck which is functionally the same as Esper and UB in the same way that Esper and UB are the same decks with a twist.

And you know what?

By switching into grixis mode, you can cast "entering" with 4RB and gain a creature from a graveyard into your playing field, and your milldeck STILL works pretty much like Esper and UB would perform at any tournament.

How to Play

What really needs work is the sideboard.
So far I've listed what is the best choice for both Esper and UB mill, so what needs
some thoughts are what the hell to throw into the sideboard now that we have red available for the deck. (also don't forget that you can now reanimate large critters)

fulminator mage? Not bad, and could make ghost quarter more important.
rakdos charm?
kolaghan's command

I'd like to see some suggestions for the sideboard, with some quote for why people would like to see THAT particular card in the sideboard.

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