Howl & betray 03/03/2023

by wickeddarkman on 02 March 2023

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Deck Description

*** deck contains 5 lotus petal ***
(Replace one by using an extra card chosen from the sideboard)

There are 24 testdecks left before generation two finally takes form, and while the couple is still weak against aggro, I want to remind anyone following the project, that evolution takes time.

That being said, the deck has begun to take on a pretty decent shape and a nice focus on thinning the deck to draw into the key cards.

Since I've decided to do some preliminary tests against the pauper meta as soon as I've reached generation 2, it will be a matter of days before I try out all the combinations of couples that I've got so far, and I'll basically just pick the top deck at the moment as a testdeck.

I've got 4 different halfdecks which means that I get to play UB, UR, UG, BR, BG and GR against the top deck of pauper, and I'll write up some detailed descriptions of the games against it, and I'll play a bunch of them, just to give a feel of how each couple performs against it.

While facing the top deck there will be no adjustments of the 4 designs. This is done to test if working in a void can truly lead to results against a living and thriving meta (I don't believe it's actually thriving, but that's actually irrelevant for this project)

It'll be glorious :)

How to Play

Evolution has designed this deck while battling against 50 modern decks from around 2018. The purpose will be to beat both premodern and pauper in one strike, but the deck will first be designed from a void, never evolving against the actual decks before I've beaten my 50 modern decks with it.

Part of this is called "working in a void" and has been done by some of the older generations of magic players for various reasons.

I work in a void because I've found that too many decks on forums have been corrupted by spammers. And since anyone can create a fake tournament and send it through the dci event reporter, no decks are "safe" from this corruption. The purpose of spam is to manipulate local metas.

Hopefully 2023 will weaken the power of spam by better coverage of the tournaments (so far things are still stale)

This deck isn't just "a deck" it's actually two "halfdecks" being developed simultaneously. As soon as I feel that they can beat my modern testdecks as a couple, I will start to branch out, developing other halfdecks that can be effortlessly coupled with these two. The purpose of this will be to make it extremely hard for other people to predict my gameplan. I can take all halfdecks with me in a large box, take a long look at who is present at a tournament and look at my notes getting a feel for what the meta will be like. Then during the last minutes of registering I hand over a premade decklist containing the couple I will be playing, then seconds before being seated I pick out these two halfdecks and insert them both into a single deckbox, ready to be shuffled against my first opponent.

Sideboards can basically be kept together with their maindecks consisting of 7 cards each, and the 15th sideboard card can be an artifact kept in the "shufflebox" behind a separator.

All that is demanded of me is that I'm a hell of a deck brewer (not really, I got evolution), and that all my cards are sleeved up before tournaments using exactly the same sleeves. (Expensive but it's the price to pay)

Regarding the spam, I'm writing up a larger collection of articles about it. Go look at my mainpage and click on the decktag: spamspotting

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