Howl & betray 04/03/2023

by wickeddarkman on 04 March 2023

Main Deck (60 cards)

Sideboard (15 cards)

Artifacts (1)

Enchantments (3)

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Deck Description

This deck contains 5 lotus petal because of my work methods. Feel free to replace one with any of the cards that are mentioned below.

With only 12 testdecks left before testing the 4 halfdecks against the top pauper deck (odds says it's going to be burn) the changes have been really few this time around.

Stone rain lost out against break asunder, but otherwise the list seems like it's not going to change a lot more than this, which is very unusual.

There are some close calls out there, that may manifest themselves just before the end.

The cards that may be lost are:
Break asunder, 1 of the deep analysis, living airship and merchant scroll.

Cards that may suddenly be added to the deck:
Acorn harvest, choking tethers, killer whale, ray of command, up to two more rites of refusal, River boa and stone rain.

This time there is a lot more synergy entering the deck, which will hopefully make it more resilient.

I really hope that I will be able to run the firebolt + cathodion defence system where I will block with cathodion, and use the mana to flashback a firebolt. It's a really sweet trick. Cathodion might overtake the field when I reach combo territory because it's a serious beater if you got counter backup against combo, and it can be played early via lotus petal and tinder wall while holding a foil.

Ray of command has turned out to be real nice too, though I'm looking for a way to sacrifice what is stolen. My hope was set at volrath's curse which can be moved around, but it hasn't gained a lot of points. (If the blue half gets coupled with the black halfdeck there's always carrion feeder) Merchant scroll can fetch the ray, and is looking like it will be a brilliant thinner when I fetch solutions with it.

Killer whale sort of appeared out of the blue (water pun achieved) and it's the first successful ramp creature that might join the deck.

Update: 05/03/2023:
With thinning as a vibrant theme in both halves I might have to go through all the cards in those three colors to dig out more material for evolution to work on. One card that I've overlooked is foresight, a cantrip for 1U that allows you to remove 3 cards from your deck. During games there is a point where both decks are waiting to draw into a game changer, and because my deck is still not abusing its ramp it has very few of these, so it's ending up being too late at drawing the game changer. During these games the few lands left in the deck is usually what gets me killed, so foresight might be a way to speed up that aspect of the game. It may also be used to thin out irrelevant cards, for example against creature less combo where I could get rid of some of the removal. Foresight is an old card that has basically only seen play in reanimate and a few other decks, but I believe it can be quite potent in this couple.

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