I still know my mill ;)

by wickeddarkman on 11 October 2020

Main Deck (61 cards)

Sideboard (15 cards)

Sorceries (3)

Artifacts (2)

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Deck Description

In my deck "Why classic mill fails !" I explain what other millers do wrong.
To compensate for that, I'm obligated to show how to do it better.
You should take a look first at my critique in that deck to better understand the reasoning behind this deck. Find the deck by searching for the decktag wdm classic1
Then continue reading here afterwards...

1 bloodchief's thirst
2 darkslick shore
1 drown in the loch
2 fatal push
1 flooded strand
4 glimpse the unthinkable
1 hedron crab
1 prismatic Vista
4 visions of beyond
2 watery grave


2 ensnaring bridge
Because modern has an extreme overweight of aggro.

2 fraying sanity
Because of 4 maddening cacophony can combo with it.

2 island (5 total)
Adds immunity against bloodmoon/cleansing wildfire

3 Lurrus, of the dream den
By moving this to the mainboard and adding one, it enables the deck to play ensnaring bridge in the mainboard. This is illegal when lurrus is a companion.

3 mishra's bauble
Makes ensnaring bridge lock down faster and is great with lurrus.

2 relic of progenitus
Somehow I don't think 2 surgical extraction is enough graveyard hatred, remember that a minimum of 23% of the meta is able to abuse it's own graveyard. This number is only accounting for the most popular decks. Relic also works well with lurrus.

4 swamp (6 total)
Adds immunity against bloodmoon and cleansing wildfire.


2 Ensnaring bridge
Because it was better in the mainboard.

2 ashiok, dream render
Because the mainboard has graveyard hate enough.

2 ravenous trap
Because the mainboard has graveyard hate enough.


Merfolk secretkeeper // venture deeper
Some aggro is so fast that it has an average below turn 4. In those cases you can play
This card as a merfolk for added stall. It may also be used for added mill.

Oona's prowler
Some aggro is so fast that it has an average below turn 4. In those cases you can use oona's prowler to lock down the battlefield with a turn 3 bridge followed by discarding your hand if you played oona's prowler at turn 2.

Stream of thought
It's a card that wins you the attrition game. You both deplete the opponent's resources and renew your own. The longer the game lasts the more cards you will be reshuffling into your deck, as long as you remember to let the stream reshuffle other streams as first choice. You get to reshuffle whatever you need in the long run. This gem protects your entire deck.

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Deck discussion for I still know my mill ;)

How do you intend to play the frog?

Posted 12 October 2020 at 19:56


Hypnotoad for the win.
It's a meme.
In futurama hypnotoad is part of many episodes.

Posted 13 October 2020 at 07:33


I'm going to continue my drunken statement about bloodchief thirst on this deck, rather than why classic mill fails.
I do think thirst will replace push in the mainboard of most decks and the simple answer is versatility. (Adding context/pretext and not trying to be an a-hole). I know thirst is a sorcery, but 3cmc creatures/ planeswalkers are the only downside in my opinion

Posted 17 October 2020 at 09:02


That it's a sorcery detracts a lot from its power. I was wondering why most mill builds seem to settle at 4 push, 1 thirst. I too believe flexibility counts for a lot, but the deck that has it must be able to support it. If odds are you don't get to play it at turn 4 and survive to tell about it, then it's alluring but bad. In a deck with few lands, like most mill designs are, it might become a hindrance. I have added land number 22 for exactly that reason.
Planeswalkers are becoming much more present in the meta compared to the olden days, and since they only seem to increase in numbers, this means most will use some, simply because they are hard to kill.

Posted 17 October 2020 at 21:34


I should have never posted that comment (on why classic mill fails) lol, but should have added some constructive criticism. Fraying sanity is probably the only other card I could come up with for mill, I do think surgical extraction/extripate has its place here though. Why not run more?

Posted 17 October 2020 at 09:16


Surgical extractions usefulness is deeply tied to how the Meta deals with the graveyard hatred
About a year ago I was playing against my tron testdeck, which had maindeck relic of progenitus, and I discovered that it was pretty good at stopping surgical extraction. At that time I then used extirpate to stop the relic, but then it was a simple matter of moving the keycards out of the way one at a time. Ever since that experience I have connected the dots and used the presence of relic of progenitus or snapcaster as a measure of how mill will be treated. Everytime snapcaster is present, the meta has forgotten to hate the grave enough, and at that small opening in time, mill must strike fast. Because whenever snapcaster is seen the graveyard hate returns.

I also think ahead, and knowing that if mill rises enough, tron will go back to playing two eldrazi reshufflers as it did back in 2018 or perhaps earlier. There are three cards that deals well with multiple types of eldrazi reshufflers, and that is Crypt incursion, relic of progenitus and leyline of the void. Out of those 3 relic of progenitus is most versatile which is why I list 2 maindeck above.

Posted 17 October 2020 at 21:50