I was an upvote extortionist

by wickeddarkman on 29 June 2020

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Deck Description

It's been more than 10 years since I joined mtgvault, and I have seen many different crises over the years.

This place has a point based system that was meant to reward people for being good at things in here. It didn't really matter what they were good at, you could grant them points and by doing that you sort of got to influence their behaviour.
If some got a lot of points for building goblin decks, and few points for merfolk decks then they would likely build more goblin decks.

In theory it's a great idea, except for one small detail.

Some people are very good at copying others.
So if the most popular decks were goblin decks, then the imitators took the logical step and started brewing goblin decks.

Soon the whole point giving system was hijacked by people trying to copy what gave you the most points, and it lead to how this place is at the moment.

Now here's the hilarious thing.
We all got reputation points, and it would be logical to assume that upvoting a deck is to give them some points.

In this dying popularity test people rarely upvote other people, because then that dambed bastard would just get ahead of us...

But upvoting actually doesn't grant reputation points. Go ahead, take a look at another person than me, look at their reputation, write the number down. Give one of their decks an upvote and look at their reputation. Nothing changes!!!

I've been aware of this for a while, and have been figuring out where the points really are. One of my projects were to design decks where part of the conclusion was unwritten and I refused to write the rest unless people gave me enough upvotes
That's part of how I discovered that I got no points from upvotes.

But understand this:
Upvoting a deck is a free competition less action. You don't gain points for doing it, and they don't get points for receiving it. So if you actually like a deck, and upvote it, the only thing that happens is that the receiver will get that warm fuzzy feeling, while you remain anonymous. Perhaps this is why Facebook let's you know who upvoted you, it's more strategy than friendliness that drives its users.

Now go out there and give those upvotes. And don't forget to keep track of my reputation, I could be lying to you ;)

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Deck discussion for I was an upvote extortionist

It’s hard not to keep track of your reputation when you publicly announce that you have 2000

Posted Tuesday at 00:56


That was comments!
It took me 10 years to get to 2000 comments, but only about a month to reach 2500 comments.
I had close to 665 reputation a month ago.

You are most likely the influx in both areas ;)

Posted Tuesday at 05:15