Inertia??? I had a laugh...

by wickeddarkman on 01 March 2023

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It seems like david ernenweinen has finally reached the level of wondering about how stale the metagames have become.

So far he hasn't reached the conclusion about foul play as I have, but at least he's beginning to think about how it's happening.

His best explanation lies within physics, and he blames inertia.

I've frankly tracked down better explanations myself and so I've had a healthy laugh from his guess.

Aside from my own explanations about people spamming bad or boobytrapped decks to improve their own chances there's only one article I've stumbled on that has dealt with stagnant meta's in a serious way.

It discussed the forming of information cascades, and covered the reason why army ants sometimes end up running in a large circle for a while.

Basically it dealt with two types of humans, those who blindly follow, and those who walk their own paths.

Had david ernenweinen read that article his questions about the stale metas might be more oriented about why the individuals who walk their own way and thus changes the direction of the meta no longer influence the process.

The answer is that their voices are being drowned out by too much spam.
Pretty simple...

But at least a small part of David's thoughts on inertia rang true.

He is realizing that some players can capitalize on the stagnation and is also concluding that they might be advocating fewer changes to manipulate things their way.

He doesn't see the complete picture yet, but he's certainly getting there, and I doubt that he will be the only one.

The second that all the smarter people out there realise that this isn't just happening in their own format, but is more or less happening in all formats there will be an outcry.

Perhaps then the tide will turn.

I'll certainly be advocating the new ways of direction to evolve the game.

Halfdecks are my weaponry, and I've gone much farther than the bad guys ever suspected that I could. Sure I'm tied up at making a strike within both premodern and pauper at the same time, but it has only ever been about the process itself, using evolution to evolve good halfdecks. It's a weapon that can be a lot more damaging when I throw of all the weights and chains that I surround myself with. They are being a part of the process too. The harsher the environment, the more solid the lifeforms will be...

Adversity can be a driver, and at the moment, stale meta's with no evolution will be very easy prey...

Here's the reading material:

"New decks are bad:" overcoming metagame inertia
(By david ernenweinen)

Information cascades in magic
(By patrick chapin)

Now Patrick chapin describes perfectly how a meta can start running in circles the natural way, and how such a circle is also broken. However, what he didn't see comming is how someone can force such a circle into being and then keep it running forever by deafening the outcry of any innovators.

His article is from 2006 which coincides perfectly with the first entries of spam within mtgvault. Perhaps he managed to inspire the group that haunts this place.

The important thing to notice here is how the pro tours have not begun to breed more individual approaches. I guess it takes a few more pro tours before the circle starts to break up.

The spammers will likely face hell.

For more than 19 years the oldest of them have based their own gaming skills on a weak meta. Once they start facing innovators and start losing, others will suddenly gain all the fame, and people rarely listens to the advice of fallen stars.

You are in for a total collapse...

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