jorubai murk lurker

by wickeddarkman on 29 July 2020

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Welcome to the database of cards in my stream of thought mill.
Search the tag: wdm mill guide to see the card database.
Cards in the sideboard are mentioned in the text so while you read how I use the cards you can read all the details in the cards as well.

Jorubai murk lurker is one of my favourite weapons that most players just don't see comming. Originally I started to play it against burn, because it's a solid blocker with lifegain. It usually comes into play while a Swamp is present, so killing it takes 2 bolts.

Three decks are currently using this card, and jorubai murk lurker kills it by just giving it lifelink. The decks are elementals, humans and merfolk.

When an attacking death's shadow is given lifelink it will die when the opponent gains the life. This happens with all their copies. Take the damage yourself if you can or block with the jorubai.

I currently use the tag: wdm mill guide to make this into a proper database.
If others build similar databases anyone can search for a deckname using just the name of a card like stream of thought to gain access to all the databases others have made on that particular card. Together we could explode our knowledge base.

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Deck discussion for jorubai murk lurker

Yeah I can be your guide for elementals, as I’ve made 2 aggro decks and a midrange

Posted Wednesday at 16:39


Aw, heck.
I've written a good portion that must have been lost.
I will rewrite it immediately.


The job as elemental guide is yours.
I would like to know what the majority of elemental players would side in against me.
Not because I'm devising my own sideboard yet, but out of curiosity.

Posted Wednesday at 16:50


Probably negate or wilt for tenure elementals

Posted Wednesday at 18:16


Darkblast will hit the reef elemental.
I might end up with 2 darkblast as it has synergy with stream of thought.

Posted Wednesday at 18:25


5 colour has kolaghan’s command in the sideboard

Posted Wednesday at 18:29


They will use both, I'm pretty sure about that. They have low amounts of each which ironically makes it hader to surgical against them. It will take them time to draw them though, which is to my advantage as mesmeric orb and darkblast can be used to thin out my deck by filling the grave and then stream of thought the bridges.
Darkblast will also take out the reef elemental. I might end up with two in the mainboard.

Posted Wednesday at 18:32


You know what I can post my elemental deck, and you can see how it works

Posted Wednesday at 18:33


I've seen it, I flagged your 3 maelstrom pulse ;)
But sure, more info if you have it...

Posted Wednesday at 18:35


Hehe okay, tell me how you'd sideboard against my mill :)
It's stream of thought mill v4.2

Posted Wednesday at 19:52


I put in 2 Gaea’s blessings for mill/ heavy removal other then that mill wasn’t prevalent when I played it, so I didn’t need to

Posted Wednesday at 21:34


No, I mean round 2 against my mill, what would you board in and out ?

Posted Thursday at 05:56


2 blessings, 3 chewers, 2 maniacs, and a crypt in, and 2 harbingers, 2 groundbreakers, and 3 soul strokes out

Posted Thursday at 12:19


The maniacs can be killed, and in the listed sideboard I have doomfall.
You want to be absolutely sure that your blessings do not get lost, so you should have all your tormod's sided in, as soon as I try to surgical extract, you can counter the destruction of your second blessing by fizzling my surgical, as it fizzles if it loses its target. You can't stop the extirpates, but you can be pretty sure I will use all doomfall, surgical and extirpate to take out your hatred. I would run the same strategy against blessings, chewers, maniacs and crypts, because your hatred consists of 4 cardsets and I can deal with 6 by using 3 surgical and 3 extirpate.

I'd sideboard 9 cards in:
3 extirpate
3 doomfall
3 echoing truth (can exploit extirpate/surgical)

What would I side out ?
3 oona's prowler
2 simian spirit guide
1 ensnaring bridge
2 engineered explosives
1 fraying sanity

If you knew this was how I would sideboard, would you sideboard any differently ?

Posted Thursday at 12:39


Probably not

Posted Thursday at 14:40


Then the rest is up to the mechanics of the decks ;)

Posted Thursday at 14:52