Meanwhile in mutantland

by wickeddarkman on 20 June 2022

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So, where did I leave the readers during last post ?
Yes, I took you behind the scenes of how I run my mutation phase when using evolution to design decks.

At the moment the transition from aggro testdecks towards control testdecks have brought on some heavy modifications as to which cards are winning the position of gaining one of the 9 available slots in the deck.

The deckhalf "strike" has two of these slots, and mutagenic growth, as simple a card as it is, is proving to be the superior card with 11 points
The battle for the last slot in this half is still between recumbent bliss and a relic of progenitus.

In the deckhalf "classcombo" things have been "interesting" to say the least.
Games have become longer which means more cards are seeing play, and because of this, goblin matron and unearth is bringing one card to the front.

Flamewave invoker has reached 13 points because during the long games you get the 8 mans to flame each turn after it hits play, and this wins games. Usually the struggle for survival means the opponent runs out of solutions and this card then becomes a solid game breaker because you can either play or retrieve a goblin matron with unearth, and then you beat them.

The long grindy games also means that the manabase is more important, and much to my surprise a second Mountain has gathered points enough to maybe become part of the deck, and a third tarfire is also gaining a lot of points.

Here's the highlight of the point situation:
Mutagenic growth: 11
Recumbent bliss: 7
Relic of progenitus (in strike half): 7

Tarfire: 18, 14 and 9
Venomous changeling: 8
Mountain: 9 and 8
Flamewave invoker: 13
Relic of progenitus (in classcombo): 9 and 8

As a result three cards are currently fighting for the last slot with equal points.
A venomous changeling, a mountain and a relic of progenitus.

Knowing that we are about to hit the territory of combo testdecks, there are a couple of details to take into consideration.

First, most combo uses the graveyard to some degree, so relic of progenitus might score a lot of points.

Second, the aggression will be left alone most of the time, so cards that increase it or delivers on it will gain more points. Even something as meek as venomous changeling can become a sudden power, while disruptive cards and cards that deals with different combo pieces will have their last chance at gaining a slot.

So I guess the "strike" deckhalf will end up being 1 mutagenic growth and a relic of progenitus, because recumbent bliss won't do. There is an odd chance that it will become 1 mutagenic growth and 1 faith's fetters but I think the fetters are too low in points to make it, but they will certainly become sideboard material.

Will all 3 tarfires be relevant? Sometimes modern gets pretty low on life while trying to combo off, so they could be. I think goblin matron will be too slow, but then again, it's just as efficient as venomous changeling and it brings more aggro.

First day of class is at 7 points, but the ability to put a 2/2 life gainer in play at turn 3, and making it 5/5 lifegain at turn 4 is pretty powerful, so it might be that it will reach the goal line during these last testdecks.

One thing is for certain...

I've never been able to predict what makes the final design.

It's a beautiful process to behold, and brings me lot of joy.
It's a joy I want to share, but some people don't want to see this kind of power manifest in the game, so they spam it.

I still get the joy, and I'm working on spreading the good stuff.

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