Memes aren't warheads...

by wickeddarkman on 12 September 2021

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The deck above is described at the "how to play" section because the deckdescription is housing an article.

Memes are gaining more and more attention as weapons of mass destruction, to a degree that Russia is rumoured to have an entire hoard of memers to wreak havoc on the west, and USA is spending big bucks on creating a department of meme warfare.

Memes are considered to be conceptual viruses, spreading from mind to mind, and several industries have evolved around the concept, with viral marketing being the most successfull so far, and ofcourse the political movements based on protecting countries from memes as fake news and many other aspects are chained to the concept by scare mongers.

Several key examples of attack-memes have been discussed by many scientists tied to the movement and enormous sums are invested in the studies.

I consider it to be a hoax, because the memes being studied and showcased are basically childs play rather than the warheads the memetic studies wants us to believe.

The true threat is the complex memes which are mostly called ideologies and isms.

Lately magic has become infested with the exact same idea, except for small changes. These days a card is considered a meme if it's spread throughout the magic population of active decks without any logical explanation to it.

And that's the point of what I'm saying here.

Part of the troll behaviour in here has been to frequently display certain cards in decks over and over again, probably to see if the troll can make the card become a meme and spread it like a wildfire. Maybe the trolls invest in these cards and hope to manipulate prices by this behaviour, but the trolls and the scientists are missing the point together.

Memes work a lot better when they are built up on several concepts at once.

The smaller the meme, the more it is rather the detonator than the bomb.

Burn for example is a large complex meme with many rules on how it can be put together, and the very flexibility makes it more successful.

It's a cluster thing rather than an individual thing.

Simple memes move nothing.

Larger memes move everything...

At this moment flumph has two spots in decks, and by posting this deck I increase it's value, but this is not happening because flumph is truly a great card, rather it is put in a context, and humans are extremely drawn to context because that's how we've built up our world.

Flumph is a small meme attaching to a larger array of big memes, and that will be why it's becoming valuable.

So keep toying with your small funny pictures, keep trying to make random cards popular to make a sale.

Me, I'm way ahead of studying memes, and I realize that this is the exact reason why trolls are burying my articles.

They don't want others to learn all of this. Knowledge is power...

Read this article to understand the thing in more context.

How to Play

Having spent some time with some cheerios builds I had them in mind when I saw a mill combo based on flumph and seismic assault. I wanted to build my own version of that and immediately thought blasphemous act because I had heard about a white version of the card in midnight hunt. But it turned out it was functionally different and deals no damage. So I looked at what I had produced and was just about to delete the deck when it struck me. Which deck would combo by drawing 13 cards ???
The answer was the old fashioned cheerios builds, but a few of you might want to consider a slightly different version based on hammertime.

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  • Flumph

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Deck discussion for Memes aren't warheads...

That fun storm with 0 drops lol

Posted Tuesday at 23:44


Thanx :)
I want to build a flumph + cats deck
I'll name it "flumphy cat"

Posted Wednesday at 01:13


Grapshot=27 happy death hand ??? About right storm for 20s Dmg

Posted Wednesday at 01:16


Original deck is here

Threw away blue. Blue had retract, which let you recast artifacts, drawing maybe 6-8 cards.
Flumph + blasphemous act draws 13 cards & clear the board, but puresteel paladin & flumph with enough equip will survive.

Posted Wednesday at 01:24