Merfolk secretkeeper //

by wickeddarkman on 29 July 2020

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Welcome to a guide on the cards of my current mill.
The sideboard contains cards described in this article so you can study the guide in better details.

Usually I cast venture deeper first if there are no visible threats, then I cast merfolk secretkeeper from exile, but if the opponent plays a creature I can block and I have no blockers at that point, then I'll forego the mill and play it directly as a merfolk.

In the usual games against the best aggro, the impact of this card as a blocker is pretty low, so in most cases when I have surgical extraction in hand, I'd rather mill them and exile a card that will annoy me if the opponent would draw it. Sometimes I hit jackpot and they exile several copies from their hand. I also get a look at their hand and can plan ahead based on what they have.

In games where I have echoing truth in the sideboard, I can take it in to save my own stuff. Blocking with some secretkeepers and then bouncing them means I get to mill just a bit more, and get to block twice.

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Deck discussion for Merfolk secretkeeper //

It’s my favorite standard legal mill card at the moment

Posted Thursday at 12:12


It's actually quite decent :)
I started testing it, just to see how fast it would disappear from the deck, but it's still there.

Posted Thursday at 12:53