Mill data you wont like

by wickeddarkman on 01 January 2021

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WARNING: The above deck is from my 2018 collection and is not representative of the data below. It's just that I'm slowly posting my 64 testdecks from 2018
Search for that series through the decktag: wdm 2018

If you want to see my own take on mill decks, use the decktag: wdm Millwinter

For those of you who hate mill, it's win-rate is currently a little above 57% worldwide, which means it's actually performing exceptionally well.

Only five other decktypes are able to best that win-rate
Death&taxes, heliod company, izzet blitz, omnath copycat and temur control.

Out of these decks only one deck can beat mill reliably, and it's death and taxes.
If you play death and taxes I lied to you unintentionally, as you'd probably like the fact that mill will stress your worst competitors. Death&taxes could float on top of an overwhelming wave of mill.

Except, I didn't lie, because there is some bad news for you and the millers out there.

Despite being top 6 in global win rates, mill seems to kill of its own fanbase.
Mill proves to be exceptionally hard to play.

Between 17 Oct to 10 nov, mill exploded from having less than 1% of the meta to having a little more than 5% of the shared meta. From the 10 Nov to now it crawled back to being 0.47% of the meta.

Only an exceptional few players are maintaining the win-rate of about 57% worldwide. It's the 6th best win-rate, but odds are you don't need to adapt against it, because the number of millers capeable of defeating you solidly is very very low.

From the perspective of the master millers, there are 13 decks that utterly defeats you, and they are all belonging to the aggro class.

Affinity stoneblade
Bant spirits
Eldrazi and taxes
Eldrazi tron
Izzet storm
Jund shadow
Mono red prowress
Mono white hammer
Orzhov midrange
Rakdos shadow
Rakdos midrange
Skred red

This is absolutely no surprise to me, as I've been declaring most of the 2020 that mill needs to face aggro foremost, then it can beat everything else by default.

If you are one of these millers who gave up on the deck, it's most likely because you've used lurrus as a companion and have been forced to place ensnaring bridge in the sideboard.

Even with ensnaring bridge mainboard I've demonstrated over and over that ensnaring bridge needs the support of oona's prowler to be able to lock down as early as turn 3 against the most aggressive of the above decks.

I don't like this mill data as well.

Alfred, you are not allowed to say you like this mill data, because you burningly itch to say it.

Wait I allow you to say it, because now you will contradict my p.s.

I can't win this one, can I? Damn you alfred...


Among the list of the 13 decks that defeats mill, there is only aggro. Aggro is what defeats mill, and you cannot expect to go to a tournament with the hope that you won't meet it. The larger the number of participants is, the more aggressive you can expect it to be. Your deck has to feature a lot more mainboard cards against aggro than my testdeck from 2018. This is especially relevant to the 90% of millers who play lurrus as a companion and can't have ensnaring bridge maindecked.

Is necessary against aggro, but some aggro is so fast that it can just laugh when seing the bridge. Because mill has a fragile manabase, it will often be stuck with too many cards in the hand. Visions of beyond is an exceptionally bad deal when playing ensnaring bridge mainboard, which is another argument why visions of beyond belongs in the sideboard. In some of my own builds I've dealt with the bridge by adding 2 oona's prowler, which allows you to perform a panic lockdown as soon as turn 3. I can also recommend replacing visions of beyond with 4 alternatives covered at the section about visions of beyond.

Before field of ruin, millers used ghost quarters. If the opponent searched, you would get the advantage of milling faster through archive trap. If the opponent didn't search, you would slow them down by taking out a land. No matter what your opponent chose, you would be better of against aggro. This changed when millers started to use field of ruin. First, mill slows itself down to be able to force through an archive trap because of the 2 mana used to activate field of ruin. Because of this change, mill has lost speed against aggro, which in the old days swallowed the bait and searched when hit by ghost quarter, because they can't afford to lose mana and speed against mill. You might consider running ghostquarter in the mainboard and run field of ruin as a sideboard card. Since two of the aggro decks are eldrazi taxes and eldrazi tron, think about wether you want the early ghostquarter to stop eldrazi temple and tronlands or if you prefer an opponent on the play which goes temple temple thought-knot seer or tower, mine, plant 7 cost card. Back in 2018 mill had far better aggro matchups.

Mill has traditionally been punished extremely hard by bloodmoon as it's manabase is pretty ruined even without seeing a bloodmoon. I've seen some very successful millers deal with the problem by playing maddening cacophony mainboard and a few glimpses can be pulled in from the sideboard.

Millers tend to fill their deck with field of ruin, mystical sanctuary, shelldock isle and other cards trying to be competitive. They usually have 3 islands and 2 swamps as the only basics. Mill is primarily relying on a lot of black cards to deal with their problem matchups, so any deck that can lock down the black side of mill will be exceptionally powerfull. This is the main reason why a majority of the 13 aggro decks on our hate list contains red (bloodmoon and landdestruction) also the death and taxes builds manage to be strong against mill because it's manabase is so fragile.

Before field of ruin started to slow mill down, shelldock isle was facing a lit of pressure against ghostquarters and other hatred against special lands. Shelldock isle also had the effect of slowing down the deck against aggro. Before field of ruin was printed I warned plenty of people to use only one. These days with both ghostquarter and field of ruin in the meta, you will never get to activate your damn dumb isle. Remove it.

Although I've always been a fan of these two cards, I've recently run some deep tests of how these cards perform. There are four scenarios in which they perform well.
1: turn one mill with either tome scour or chancellor of the Spires. (Or archive trap) You target the cards that are the least represented in the graveyard based on knowing that the opponent will be having a total of 4. The odds are in your favor of removing that card from the opponents hand.
2: you play discard and then remove the critical card.
3: your opponents deck is focussed on their graveyard.
4: you can somehow drag out the game for a long time.

Appart from mill designs that use point 1 or 2, these cards are actually better in the sideboard.

In the past snapcaster mage was the reason why visions of beyond gained it's popularity. Then relic of progenitus was adopted against snapcaster which was played in many other decktypes. Back in 2018 I warned people of this. These days a lot of decks play escape as a mechanic which prevents visions of beyond to be of use even more. I strongly recommend that you play thought scour or compelling argument, mishra's bauble or relic of progenitus in its place as all four draws a card for you and also brings other advantages, (relic and bauble protects against discard) but I will accept seing visions of beyond in your sideboard.

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Deck discussion for Mill data you wont like

Fine I won't say I like this mill data

Posted 06 January 2021 at 00:14


This is some really good information about the deck archtype mill, and some more information about other arhctypes

Posted 06 January 2021 at 00:19


Thank you :)
My new source is
It was hard to read through and some of the data on it contradicts itself, but wotc is shutting down all the "big players" that officially interprets their data.

Rumours say they try to lock down info on what's best to play so they won't have to be the bad guys by constantly banning stuff. The last 14 months added together accounts for more banning than the entire history in magic combined. That's bad publicity.

Posted 06 January 2021 at 00:34


Yet people aren't happy they want Uro banned in modern, Ulamog in historic, and Ugin in standard

Posted 08 January 2021 at 01:50


There are probably more, but I don't get in touch with the community enough

Posted 08 January 2021 at 01:51


People are only unhappy because these decks are widespread. If wotc makes it harder to know what's good, people will be less likely to find the broken cards. I've just discovered how the perform that trick on arena.
Matchups are controlled both by your own personal ranking, while decks have a measure called deck strength, which some of the arena players tell is based on rarity.
That creates a much more nuanced meta and makes it much harder to figure out what to play.

Posted 08 January 2021 at 19:25


I just looked up and I realised is a real website

Posted 23 January 2021 at 03:47


Sometimes people read stuff but don't really read it.
I have a this "fade out" that happens when I'm talking and get a new idea/insight then I think hard about that thing and miss most of what other people are telling me.

Posted 23 January 2021 at 06:04


Liked the thought process behind this. Thanks!

Posted 08 January 2021 at 04:58


I do my best :)
I'd love to see mill as tier 1.

Posted 08 January 2021 at 19:27


ou Mill very good deck

Posted 16 January 2021 at 06:43


Thank you :)
It's from my 2018 collection of 64 testdecks.
I frequently test against them to fine tune my own builds.

If you search for the decktag: wdm mill
You will see a lot of my own mill designs.
I want mill to become tier 1, and think that many millers are doing a bad job by copying too much from the same decks that the meta has simply outgrown.

Like all millers are playing visions of the beyond like they did in 2012 where snapcaster mage was used on it to give it a boost. Since noone uses snapcaster in mill anymore it lost power, and it's weakness is that an opponent can stop the card from working by removing their own graveyard, so the meta adapted in that direction, and then we got to theros: beyond death where players can use the mechanic escape to clean up their own graveyards, making visions of beyond a very bad choice in mill, but millers still go on using it :(

Posted 16 January 2021 at 15:45


Why does this have the Tag most liked?

Posted 26 February 2021 at 23:56


Because it was liked some days ago, bringing it above my personal threshold of 7 likes.
Among my posts it is now marked as a favorite among my readers :)

Posted 27 February 2021 at 03:41