Mind funeral

by wickeddarkman on 30 July 2020

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Welcome to my database of cards from my stream of thought mill
You can view all cards described in it by searching for the tag: wdm mill guide
The cards in the sideboard are described in the article so you can look at them in detail while reading how I use them.

Mind funeral is one of the most unstable millcards in modern magic, even sanity grinding somehow manages to be more mechanical than this gem.
Funeral basically mills based on how many lands your opponent has left in their deck and since mill tends to mill out cards at more or less random, this complicates the equation of it. Whenever I identify a deck as low in lands, and I have early some surgical extraction available then I target their manabase. Usually I go for fetchlands first and dual lands second because people use fetchlands to get the mana they need, and duals give them flexibility but not always what they need. This can often slow down aggro a lot and will increase the impact of funeral.

At the moment a lot of people in here have taken notice of manaless dredge. I've noticed it too and with my two simian spirit guides I dream of pulling off a turn 2 kill with mind funeral. In the past I've done it in legacy where phantasmagorian also stood behind manaless dredge way back in time. 1-land Charbelcher was also fun.

Stream of thought and noxious revival are used to get the chance to replay mind funeral, but if mesmeric orb is in play, remember to use noxious AFTER your untap phase, not at the opponents end as you might get used to.

Remember that you can search for the tag: wdm mill guide

If more people built databases using their own personal database tag and creating decks with just the cardname we could all search on cards that share that deckname.
It would mean we would get multiple guides on how to use one card, and while surfing that information we might make unexpected discoveries leading to more decktypes.

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Deck discussion for Mind funeral

One of my favorite decks has only 4 lands, and I have lost turn 4

Posted Thursday at 23:41


Then you have reshuffling like emrakul or something, if we are talking mill.

Posted Thursday at 23:43


It was indeed, although no land emrakul is to this day my favorite deck without lands

Posted Thursday at 23:44


No land emrakul...
The things people invent :)

Got any specifics for your database ?
I'm considering a slight change in my own.
My tag could be split into three tags.
Wdm mill guidea = mainboard
Wdm mill guideb = sideboard
Wdm mill guidec = maybeboard

Posted Friday at 05:06


I’m just going to tag it as the card itself

Posted Friday at 12:19