Modern millprimer Esper/Dimir

by wickeddarkman on 02 February 2017

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Deck Description

This deck is meant for the professionals only...
Do not deviate from any of the numbers set up for you.

Additional lands:
add 6 fetchlands, 4 duallands (those with 2 landtypes), 5 basic lands and 2 lands that comes tapped into play if you have more than 2 lands already.

Dimir version add 2 damnation to mainboard.
esper version add 3 path to exile and cut 1 surgical extraction (due to exile)

additional sideboard, add either 1 ensaring bridge and 2 pithing needle or add 3 chalice of the void instead.

Dimir sideboard, add 3 leyline of the void.
Esper sideboard, add 3 leyline of sanctity.

If you go to a very large tournament replace the 2 snapcaster mages with 2 augur of bolas, but if you play within a local small meta, snappy is your best friend.

How to Play

I've extracted data from all milldecks in, as well as tc.decks...
Do not deviate from the above recipies and you should have the most powerfull mill available to you af all time.

I've also weighted new data, against old data, and the above deckoutline still holds.
(manic scribe hasn't been the new card to change mill, yet! And I don't think it will)

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Deck discussion for Modern millprimer Esper/Dimir

I agree with most of what you've included in the main deck. The only thing I can comment on mainboard is Crypt Incursion. Incursion is very meta dependant, as the higher the creature card count in the meta, the better the it gets, but the opposite is true too.

A lot of people looking into mill shy away from Mesmeric Orb. I see the Orb as the best mill card available as you get so much millage out of it that the 'down side' is almost meaningless. What's your view on Orb of Dreams alongside Mesmeric Orb?

Manic Scribe is awesome when you get it to work, but there in lies the problem: "WHEN". A deck that uses the Scribe must be built with Delirium in mind. Hedron Crab is easier to trigger, thus making it more reliable.

A friend ran a mill deck similar to this one FNM, except he doesn't have some of the cards here. In one game against Lantern Control he mulliganed down to two cards (I can't remember why), with his two cards being an island and a Hedron Crab. He won that game as anything Lantern left on top results in Lantern being milled :P

Posted 02 February 2017 at 13:47


I really can't say why crypt incursion has both 3 in main (which I agree on) and then has 1 in sideboard, but the majority of milldecks that have gotten in top has both for some reason, and I ran everything by the numbers, including letting the best wins (fx ben afleck and mike donini) weigh more in the statistics. Tc decks only shows decks from 2 years at a time, so older variants have less weight in the measures. The meta itself is very creature based, but personally I've never understood why lists have both crypt incursions and darkness in them, so it has to be about hitting something specific since these lists win. All of the above and the numbers involved is what wins for mill, and that's the only input I can give, and I really despise posting lists with visions of beyond.

I also love mesmeric orb as it has so many interactions with other millcards, but it reacts very differently against different decktypes, and if you don't know which types you play with it or sb it, then most people probably decide not to use it, which is a simple solution to avoid ending up i too complex concepts. I will have to look up orb of dreams in a minute.

I would have loved to play my own mill against lantern, and even the above milldecks would be fun to rip it appart with, but I really think lantern would loose too much against mill in general, though you'd have to think twice about every mill you make :D

Looked up the orb, and there's actually an upgrade which could replace crypt incursion!
Authority of the consul. I made a prototype with the card lately

But I think "authority" could actually replace crypt incursion, and will soon test it.
(I will try out the above decks against a variety of testdecks. It's been some time since I've milled)

Posted 02 February 2017 at 15:21