My experience with evolution

by wickeddarkman on 31 October 2019

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Did you know I have a frontpage ?

I've used evolution as a tool to improve on my decks since ice age was printed.
I've let it influence my deck building more and more over the years, and for the last 3 years I've let it design my decks for me, and the only thing I do is setting up large cardpool from which evolution gains new tools to design its beasts.

Evolution is efficient, and I constantly strive to increase the speed of the process so I get faster results, and though it is a mentally taxing hobby, it is also rewarding.

I'm not trying to tell you why it works, because evolution is absolutely insane. When you build a deck with access to blue mana, pro people will tell you to use counterspells, but evolution usually throws them out of the deck instead.

Evolution does so many wacked things that I could spend days on telling about it, and yet it manages to be very devious and temperamental, and nice too.

Evolution adapts the decks it build according to what's in the testdecks and how good I am at playing the cards I suggest to it. If I play something in an awfull way evolution will simply let it go and will intensify its efforts on something else, and it feels like it's almost mothering me by building everything at a scale I can comprehend.

The temperament rises spontaneously, sometimes I add cards to the mix that I find less good or that I want to see if evolution can take it somewhere I haven't thought of, and then it connects some dots I simply can't grasp and builds some parts into the deck that I laugh at, but several generations later the entire deck has changed direction and I can play the deck and win with it but somehow I only understand the small pictures of the game, having no idea why it all works out.

If there is anything I can say about about how evolution builds decks it is that nothing in the deck is redundant. Evolution always figure out the perfect quantities of a card to play with, and only a few cards are fully useless in any matchup.

Evolution provides synergy within the deck at a very high degree of complexity, which is why things are almost always useful.

Evolution is also a control player. I've always built aggro and combo in the past, but evolution taught me to play with control. I still dislike the play style but I like the decks it builds for me.

It is still a cold alien intelligence to me, because I can never grasp its motives.
It is so manipulative, but I can't get it to build things for me if I don't obey it's every whim, so it's a lot like striking a deal with the devil.

Do I believe in the devil?

Definitely not, but if the devil wants to make me a better magic player and the price is time spent on the process I've built up, then by all means I'll let him do that

is one of the first decks where I let evolution take over fully. It started out as an esper mill deck with archive trap and path to exile, glimpse the unthinkable and all that. The only mill that remained were mindshrieker which evolution sort of built this deck around. Spellskite protected mindshrieker and kira protected spellskite. I've had valakut scapeshift players scoop to that setup.

Now as your eyes wander around the card picks trying to figure out how it all works together, remember that evolution built this thing all on its own. I always tried to guess the directions it wanted to take by supplying it with cards with similar functions, but it only picked what it wanted, and I've always wondered how such a blind, random force can be a better designer than humans. Ah, but the devil is in the details! Evolution made us, and it seems it made us as twisted, blind and random as it is itself. Evolution has always been god to me, and though I'm no worshipper, I am in awe.

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