Noxious revival:

by wickeddarkman on 01 August 2020

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Welcome to my database of cards in my stream of thought mill
You can see all the cards I've described by searching for the tag wdm mill guide
The cards in the sideboard are covered in this article and you can take a look at the cards while you read how I use them.

Noxious revival in my mill designs stretches back in time to shortly after I won a 4th place with my first variant of speed-mill. The deck reliably killed at turn 4 back then, but also relied heavily on small cheap millcards. In later versions I was just about to try to increase the speed of my mill, when I discovered how my paperstrip method was able to build decks by itself. So I got sidetracked and later hit economical problems, so quite a number of years went by with my mill put on the shelf.

In this deck noxious revival mainly serves the purpose of being saved for emergency retrieval, getting the chance to draw precisely what is needed. The odds of this happening is being reinforced by cards that selfmill me, like darkblast and mesmeric orb, and in some cases I can use cards like glimpse the unthinkable to take an emergency dig for a specific card, most likely ensnaring bridge.

A more devious way to use it is to use it on the opponents graveyard to stall them for a turn if you can benefit from it.

I often use it as either a 4th surgical extraction or a 4th stream of thought, but it can also be used as a kill card by reusing one of the larger mill cards like glimpse the unthinkable or startled awake or even mind funeral.

Against weenie based aggro it's a relief to draw an engineered explosives.

Few modern players take notice of this gem, but it's actually a classic in vintage.

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