Oldschool 93/94 esper

by wickeddarkman on 30 October 2019

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Deck Description

Did you know I have a frontpage ?

This deck is still being built by evolution.
It has been building the design based on a core of 51 cards built by 4 generations of the same evolutionary processes. A cardpool of about 65 cards was made for evolution to work with, and it's now halfway into generating generation 5.

Last time I ran the process I decided to give the testdecks one more advantage.
First of all the testdecks have always started, and the above deck only draws 7 cards, never the 8th card that is usually drawn by the deck not starting. The extra advantage this time was for the testdecks to draw 8 cards and start out first.

As a result my evolution built deck lost 19% more of its battles last generation. Taking a look at the overall win% it became clear that the deck had most trouble with aggro, so a lot of the 65 cards were removal, to see what evolution could improve.

The funny thing is that after only 10 testdecks the current design wins 19% more of the time. It's probably a coincidence that it lost and gained 19%, but I will keep an eye out for that number.

This generation I've also introduced several red and green cards to see if evolution would try to add a 4th color to the deck, and it has. It's added mox ruby and a fellwarstone to the deck. Currently wheel of fortune and stone rain are the two key cards being worked on, and wheel of Fortune have gained enough points to make it into the sideboard.

This is a work in progress, but it is clearly heading the right way.

When this generation is done I will take steps to let evolution add more red mana and more red cards.

How to Play

This is a control prison deck.
You win by destroying the opponents mana base and then their defences before you slowly kill them.

Destroy the manabase with sinkhole, chaos orb, stripmine, city in a Bottle (takes out city of brass), and kill their moxen with disenchant/divine offering.

Initially you exploit dark ritual to do this fast and early, later you exploit greed and recall to get more destruction.

Even later you regain steam by using timetwister, they will get more mana, but you will get even more manadenial.

Once you reach superiority you close them down with nether void. This can sometimes happen really fast, even on turn 1 if you have moxen and rituals enough to open the game by casting nether void early. Just make sure you have at least 3 manasources in play.

Sideboard options are pretty complex and demands that you know exactly what your options will be. I will build up a guide soon.

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