online fog of war

by wickeddarkman on 04 March 2023

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Deck Description

I spend a lot of time looking at new decklists to see if I can spot more of the tricks that deck spammers use to manipulate the meta.

Recently I've been preparing to see how far my own project has come by testing it against the top pauper decks.

At the moment burn is the "big deck" so I spent a while compiling some data on the decktype.

Looking at the big picture I managed to find a peculiar tendency.

The deck seems to perform good in "waves"

Recently it has gotten a lot of 5-0 results, but before that it got a number of bad results of different types. Before that it got a number of 4-1 results.

The odd thing is that the good results seem clustered.

This lead me to think of how there might be a way that online magic may be used as a
Platform for spamming.

Let's imagine that a group has sabotaged a design and wants people to adopt it.

To do so, they only need to get good results online which will make it get copycatted.

This part of the theory depends on what happens if a player drops out/leaves an online challenge. If the system only register games if the player stayed for the full event, any player who lose a single game can drop out of the challenge. That means that the group as a whole can generate a lot of 5-0 results.

In the event that the above trick isn't possible there is a second trick, perhaps a lot easier to perform, but demands that they are followed by a number of fans.

The group participates in online challenges or even real life tournaments with the same deck, and performs badly on purpose so that anyone looking at the results of the tournament will see that same deck being pretty bad. Then gossip and the group
Will promote a picture of that deck being bad in the meta.

The last trick even has some secondary layers to it. I've seen shops that rent out decks, and know players who have done the same. If the renter isn't the best player, then results for that decktype will be shown as bad.

These tricks is yet another hint at why you should never just copycat your way through the game. The data can be corrupted in so many ways.

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