Oona's prowler

by wickeddarkman on 29 July 2020

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Deck Description

Welcome to the card guide for my mill project.
Cards in the sideboard are covered within this article.

I play oona's prowler for a variety of reasons.
It enables me to occasionally lock down aggro with a turn 3 ensnaring bridge.
It enables me to discard a chancellor of the Spires, then use breaking//entering on it.
Against decks without creatures I Sometimes go aggro turn 2 via simian spirit guide.

Because the focus of the entire deck is focussed on stream of thought, I don't have to panic too much about discarding stuff early to lock down with the bridge.

In some designs I have used combinations of both oona's prowler and zombie infestation.

In mental cases I have been thinking that discarding a startled awake might bring out an extra blocker lategame. At the cost of 5 mana it's highly theoretic, and I've also thought about the skull attacking with jorubai's lifegain someday, though the prowler is more likely to bring lots of life.

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Deck discussion for Oona's prowler

Startled awake is great, and you should put it in

Posted Wednesday at 21:36


I have 1 left that clings to the deck like a tick ;)

Posted Thursday at 05:52