Pauper versus modern 027

by wickeddarkman on 05 August 2022

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Deck Description

"pauper vs modern" episode: 027

This series will cover my battle of defeating modern with commoncards except for 4 dual lands, using only evolution and patience.

A task like this has many sub goals and will at some point be worked against by the enemies that ordinary modern players consists of.

The first layer of subgoals is to have several decktypes to win with, so modern players cannot adjust against my project. This is done by using halfdecks.

A halfdeck is 30 cards that put together with another halfdeck will form a 60 card deck with two powerful themes. I'm working on a total of 30 halfdecks which can be combined in more than 300 ways.

The design of working halfdecks is far from simple as they are inherently as unstable as infect and bogle designs which are also split up in two, mainly the creatures and the pump/enchantments. I've dubbed this instability "the gap" and it will be mentioned frequently.

The use of evolution has two stages, one where I measure the performance of the individual cards in two randomly chosen halfdecks, and the 9 worst performing cards are removed. Then the removed cards are replaced with blanks and games are played until a pattern emerges of what might be worth to put into the decks.

Another sub goal is training the technique behind it all, and that means I'm using an old version of modern, the format as it was around 2018. That means some decks I test against are illegal and therefore a lot more powerful. This was done on purpose, I wanted to run into decks with no breaks that can steamroll my halfdecks if I slip up on being thorough.

I've always created a lot of alternative ways to play magic in my past, making me quite controversial, and I have also trained many players, two of these became very competitive, and one became the champion in two countries.

I've often upset the balance in local gamestores which has made me a target for hateful individuals, and forums where I roam usually become targeted with such hate.

As a result, this series is targeted at readers outside mtgvault, and if you decide to follow my grand work, it might be better for you to just read, rather than engage with this site.

By all means set up an account, it will make it easier for you to follow me, and the deckbuilding tools are actually pretty sweet, but be very aware that this is an information waterhole, and all waterholes have predators, because that's how they get to their prey.

Sadly I won't interact with fans, as the haters often pose as fans and then starts to try to sabotage things, so I will frequently delete comments, but may bring up topics in future episodes.

For the pauper players you will learn of cards that take on a much more powerful format, which means you might find some gold in here.

For the modern players I will be covering the past, you might have forgotten how things were and why certain cards fell out of favor. For you I'll be a treasure chamber of nostalgy.

If you are "resident" on mtgvault and in any way disagree, well, just read around me.

Here's a sum up of the strangeness I've encountered while being on mtgvault

You can get an overview of all episodes by locating the tag: evolution on my page and click it.

Now scroll down to the "how to play" section and start reading this episode.

How to Play

In episode 027 we fight infect. (BG)

Game 1:
Infect fetches an overgrown tomb then plays noble hierarch.

My opening hand looks great: island, forest, spiketail Hatchling, Trufflesnout, gut shot and two blanks, (the blue and number 8) I gut shot their noble, then, to figure out the best play I need some info. They have one infect creature in hand, and is at least 6 draws away from drawing another (a fetch land obscures the possibilities) so if I can take that creature out I can perform a beatdown without interruptions.
I look at the blanks and see a few ideas forming. I play Island.

Infect plays pendelhaven and glistener elf.

I draw an island, play a forest. I play blank number 8 as a hornet sting, infect uses blossoming defence and I counter it by playing the blue blank as dispel.

Infect draws and passes.

I draw piracy charm. Play an island, then play a spiketail Hatchling.

Infect plays a forest.

I draw Terrifying presence, play Trufflesnout, putting a counter on the Hatchling, attacking for 2. (18)

Infect draws and passes.

Draw and play blight mamba. Attack for 4. (14)

Infect draws and passes.

I draw and play Island. Attacks for 5 (9)

Infect fetches into a dryad arbor. (8)

I draw a blank (number 6) and plays it as rancor on my drakeling, then attack with it (4).

Infect draws and concedes.

Game 2:
Infect fetches overgrown tomb, then thoughtseize me. My hand is: 2 forest 3 faerie miscreant, piracy charm and a blank number 6. The blank gets discarded.

I play forest.

Infect plays inkmoth nexus, then inquisition of kozilek my piracy charm.

I draw blight mamba. Play a forest and mamba.

Infect plays Swamp. Animates inkmoth boosts with might ofvold krosa and I get 5 poison.

I draw a blank (number 3). I attack with mamba. (14)

Infect plays a fetch, animates inkmoth, boost with might of old kroxa. I destroy it by using the blank as gleeful sabotage.

I draw and play forest. Attack (13)

Infect plays inkmoth nexus and plague stinger.

I draw blank number 5. Attack (12).

Infect play pendelhaven, animate inkmoth and attacks with both infect creatures. I cast the blank as gleeful sabotage, then has 8 poison.

I draw the blue blank: no islands, but I have 3 miscreant in hand, so this is going to be a snapback. I attack (11)

Infect plays noble hierarch, attacks and I play the blue blank as snapback.

I draw echoing truth and concedes.

Game 3:
Infect plays overgrown tomb, (18). then inquisition of kozilek on me.
My opening hand is: dual, 2 island, faerie miscreant, faerie seer, river boa and a blank (number 9) the blank become a 4cc or more to avoid the inquisition, so they take out the seer.

I play dual and faerie miscreant.

Infect plays inkmoth nexus.

I play Island and attacks. (17)

Infect plays pendelhaven, then attacks with inkmoth. No pump. I get a poison counter.

I draw and play caustic Caterpillar, then play an island.

Infect plays a forest. Attacks with inkmoth. I block. They boost with pendelhaven. I play piracy charm. They boost with mutagenic growth. (15). I lose my faerie.

I draw and play a forest. I play blank 9 as reap and sow, opting to destroy the inkmoth. Then I attack (14).

Infect fetches for an overgrown tomb, plays phyrexian Crusader.

I draw a blank (number 8) I play it as clear shot on caustic Caterpillar, killing the crusader, then I attack (9) clear shot is a card I've been thinking a little about. It can be good in creature matchups but against combo it can also be a boost spell, making it a removal card that isn't dead against combo. It's a sweet feature I'd like to give a decent chance.

Infect plays Inkmoth nexus.

I play river boa, then attack with Caterpillar. (8) infect animates inkmoth, then boost it with pendelhaven. I respond by sacrificing the Caterpillar to destroy it, they play vines of vastwood with kicker. At least they lost a boost.

Infect animates inkmoth, boost it with pendelhaven, mutagenic growth and a delver become immense. It's 11/11. I die. At least I'm not kicking and screaming.

Forest: 8
Forest: 6
Broken wings 5
Silhana ledgewalker: 5
Snapback: 5
Bayou groff: 4
Lignify: 4
Bayou groff: 3
Forest: 3
Forest: 3
Hornet sting: 3
Lignify: 3
Relic of progenitus: 3
Relic of progenitus: 3
Twin-silk spider: 3

All of these points mean that 7 cards are currently in position to become part of the 9 missing cards above and that 8 cards will fight among themselves to be on the remaining 2 slots.

Yet nothing is really secure, a new card might get 4 points by being good against two decks in a row, suddenly becoming a part of the "highscore". A number of cards have been dormant at 3 points for a long time, but it's never easy to estimate what might wake up again.

I'm slowly preparing my mindset for the more combo ish decktypes, and in the matchups against infect I did think of playing relic of progenitus at least two times to safeguard myself against become immense, but in the end a focus on removal was chosen instead.

A number of combo designs are relying on the graveyard, so I still think that relic ofvprogenitus and bojuka bog may join the high score.

One thing I know, any of the 3 pointers may suddenly rise to be above the 4 pointers, and stuff like that often happens at the end of the mutation run. It's always been a total surprise to me what the final 9 mutations will become.

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