Preparing blue/green

by wickeddarkman on 24 January 2023

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So "betrayal flood" is almost done with the last stages, and it seems like it will lose ophidian, whispers of the muse and exclude.

Why repulse instead of exclude ? Because I can use exclude on my own creatures and I'm certainly not starting to counter them ;)

It has regained a betrayal, gained an 11th island and gotten a rites of refusal. I've been hoping for rites of refusal because of its flashback synergy which will probably become a "driver" it's presence in this deck will favor any deck with a number of flashbacks in them.

So, having to coevolve these two halfdecks for three generations I must keep in mind what was close to making it into either deck, as well as what could be valuable to any of the other halfdecks.

To bring some relevance, the green halfdeck did include canopy claws for a very limited time, and with rites of refusal, that card could become more useful. In other cases cards like amphibious kavu was much closer at ending up in the final list, and tidal visionary could make that into a powerhouse much more frequently. My focus on tidal visionary during the construction of the blue deck wasn't based on anything but blue elemental Blast and Hydroblast, but it's potential to mess with other themes is very much there, and the card has survived up till now, making it a thing to use more.

Cards like roots could be an emergency way to shut down a card with betrayal on it if flood has been lost, and once things have been dealt with, green can remove roots if you get another flood.

Green contains a number of fog-effects that can really make betrayal slow down the opponent.

Green also contains a versatility that blue lacks at retrieving usefull cards, and so revive might be used to bring back counterspells or solutions.

It might be asked if the original parts of both decks might be lost during coevolution, and it's a nice question, but since the process only rid the decks of their worst parts, the whole thing only removes what has the least synergy.

This is exactly why the resulting decks hijacked the project in front of me the last time. Evolution creates complexity, and for each generation each half learns a little more about how it can develop itself. Once that happens things more or less progress by themselves and I need to work a lot less at making things go the right way.

I remember a time where I was running my first evolutionary project on bdominaria, it was an all green project and evolution simply performed stuff beyond what I had expected.

Back then I had no idea of why it was scrapping a bunch of human designs, because at a time I invited people to join in by suggesting decks. The human decks beat the ones evolved by humans because we ARE smart and it was a primordial soup back then.

The real interesting thing only started when evolution started working on what humans had built. It would move mutations across decks and noone could figure out what the hell it was building anymore. It started gaining critics and interest in the project dropped like flies seeing a dogs hit and I wondered why for years to come.

These days I see it for what it was.

A number of people genuinely wanted to see what could evolve, while others tried to sabotage it, but as soon as the ones sabotaging it saw that it could grow beyond, they sabotaged it with criticism and hate instead and the stage got set.

I continued to work on ever more complex ways to evolve decks, and the haters turned to control my data output. Even back in 2006 drastic measures were taken to discredit my work, and that's sort of why were here now.

I've seen many stages of magic as a game and one day it will all end, but before that point, there is an opportunity to harvest something truly valuable. The key to harvest evolution itself.

Big corporations are investing in that, and it's where the money will be. True enlightenment on how things really are.

By working against that process, by distorting the meta you stick a few dimes in your pockets. Me, I'm betting on the other horse, and with or without magic being the battleground, evolution always wins. You either coevolve or you go extinct...

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