Salty seas pauper lantern

by wickeddarkman on 09 September 2022

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Deck Description

I have a large ongoing project, where I will be trying to take out modern by using only commoncards and 4 dual-lands (usually represented by crumbling vestige) so pauper players might want to find replacement lands.

This isn't exactly "full" pauper, and certainly ain't modern, but mostly my builds are legal in both formats, but a few lists do contain cards banned in pauper. The project is at all time modern-legal.

Taking out a format with a (potentially) much larger cardpool means that there is a very high selection pressure among the cards I choose, and for that reason there should be some gold for both pauper players and modern players alike.

The deck isn't a 100% correctly displayed. The original is being kept a secret and has been designed by evolution. This version is an older version of the real thing and has been changed into something that I think the deck might become, with a few misleading changes. You will need to test out the design and alter it to get an idea of how it really works.

To be more precise it consists of two 30 card halfdecks designed to fit together with any of my other halfdecks. And since I got 30 different halfdecks that I'm evolving, I can grab two halves in more than 300 combinations making it impossible to predict what I'm up to. A second layer of secrecy is figuring out which cards belong to each half.

I'm being secretive about the design for many reasons.

How to Play

In this case I'm actually just outlining one halfdeck rather than a couple.

In a way halfdecks can be viewed as very large shells, and if you add at least 8 lands and a second theme of your own, lifegain, discard, burn, whatever, you are going to have something close enough to lantern control in pauper.

You primarily use deserts to deal with aggro, and vault skirge is there because you take that damage from whatever crosses the desert. Quicksand, gut shot and piracy charm helps you take out the larger attackers.

Adding bojuka bog and relic of progenitus might also be something.

The variants that I'm breeding with evolution has no deserts so far, but longterm I think desert might become a standard part of the "bell" package.

I got one variant under the mutation knife at the moment, but the plan is to have three or more distinct designs with their own solutions to the meta.

Black might rely on the best removal and discard.

Blue will have counterspells and scry.

Red will have burn, but also features makeshift munitions.

Eventually I will end up playing with two of these chosen completely at random, though it will look very purposefull because they share so many similarities.

If all designs end up using deserts I'll heavily consider including expedition map.
Having all 4 deserts in play will mean taking out a 4/4 each turn without effort.
I already look forward to the death & taxes matchups.

I guess the deserts + makeshift munitions might be the best half against aggro.

By the way, is it a holy day?
Trafic on mtgvault is pretty low :)

And despite being legal now, there's no pauper tournaments covering the new cards.
Technically there hasn't been any pauper tournaments anywhere, and they are pretty daily. I've always accused most sites of withholding the first sets of data so they can set their prices before popular demand gets a chance.

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