Simian spirit guide

by wickeddarkman on 30 July 2020

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Welcome to my database of cards in my milldeck.
The sideboard covers cards written about in this article so you can get a look at them while you read how I use them.

Burnt monkey hair in your nostrils make up for quite the awakening in the early morning. The monkey business is all about speed, sometimes when you have four lands and an archive trap, simian spiritguide let's you use it.

There are four major reasons why I use the monkey:
1: the added speed to some cards. If, for example I know that I'm facing affinity I might want to exploit an earlier mesmeric orb than usual.
2: emptying my hand to lock down aggro with ensnaring bridge.
3: it can be a beater against creatureless decks.
4: some decks use stall cards like cursecatcher, judge's Familiar, thalia, guardian of thraben or similar, and then you get to push through the stall.

Since this deck also has just 1 mountain, the monkeys are there to help //entering (second part of breaking//entering).

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Wdm mill guide

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Deck discussion for Simian spirit guide

What is affinity the deck, is it the one without lands, or something else?

Posted Thursday at 12:13


Affinity with archbound ravager, cranial plating, inkmoth nexus and all that.

Posted Thursday at 12:52


Ok, but why are you scared of that I’ve never had a problem?

Posted Thursday at 14:39


The odds of you never having a problem are extremely unlikely, which increases the odds of you being a liar.
I'm paranoid in the extreme, so my actual fear would be that I started believing you.
You may not have noticed it, but I constantly fact check things and since the beginning of our many conversations you have told me quite the number of talents, and few people possess your amount, so my paranoia makes me register the tiniest deviation.

Don't take it personally, it's how I function in general, even at work and around my friends.
It's another asperger trait, like having a honesty complex.

One of my friends is close to being a compulsive liar, I don't know if you can imagine my mind if he's around :)

In any case, I'm just being paranoid...

Posted Thursday at 15:05


It’s fine nearly every attribute I have is extreme, so most people don't believe me even when I meet them in person, they think it’s all a ruse, but if you did believe me, then I would view you as gullible, suspicion can save lives

Posted Thursday at 15:17


Also I don’t care of you believe me or not, it’s just I bring my point of view, where I think I should

Posted Thursday at 15:18


I’ve seen it before and lost to it, but there are much scarier aggro decks that you haven’t mentioned like the izzet one with monastery swiftspear, and hardened scales

Posted Thursday at 15:29


I don't trust a single human being, and that includes myself.
But I weigh the odds of things on a sort of mental scale that can swing both ways depending on what I learn.

I look forward to test against the larger field of aggro decks, there's always a detail that can be covered.

My usual process is to play first against the decks I've lost most against, so the first games evolution gets a chance to adapt against precisely what is the weak spots. Then I play out against everything else to get statistics on the cards I wanted to try against the worst matchups. In the end of the process I have a clear picture if the card was good or not.

When I'm most tuned in on the process I can test more than 80 cards each generation.

Posted Thursday at 15:41


You should have said that affinity was from 2018 it would explain why I wasn’t scared of it yet

Posted Thursday at 16:36


We've had a conversation about this in the past where I mentioned it.
As a result of that talk I made the post "back in 2018"
But I've thrown a lot of data your way, so it's forgivable that youd forget some of it. :)

Posted Thursday at 16:42


Have you seen my triple life deck, I made a version in 2018 that dealt with almost all aggro and midrange , it’s also when I started storm with the thousand year storm deck

Posted Thursday at 16:51


With the ld-mill I did, but still against 2018 decks.
You see, I've been playing the game long enough to know that most decks are more or less the same spell types over and over again.

I've used old decks before to train my pro friend, so I know magic is a slow paced game if you think in long terms.

Every new deck is building on the same mechanics as ever.

Just take our wdm-mill vs elementals talk. My deck is trained against the past, yet it hits on the same weaknesses in the future :)

Posted Thursday at 17:03


It does indeed, but every now and then there are new cards that change how decks are made

Posted Thursday at 17:32


True, the creation of surgical extraction made people split up their fetchlands. Everytime a new decktype is made it first uses 4 of each fetchlands, then slowly as people imitate it, it starts to balance out the fetchlands.
But cards like that are very rare.

Besides, I took a look at the meta before I started, and saw perhaps 4 new decktypes at the time.
After that look I thought it would be safe to use the old decks as training ground first before I started to go to tournaments.

I see a high exchange in what rules the meta at the moment, but basically I'd say about 10% of the 2018 isn't playable anymore.

Posted Thursday at 20:15


Modern became to fast for my life gain deck, and there are now better storm decks

Posted Thursday at 20:20


Soul sisters or some other type of lifegain ?

Posted Thursday at 20:22


It was very similar to my triple life deck, actually I’ll remake it and post it for you

Posted Thursday at 20:24


I recently saw that they've added black for vito in mtggoldfish, and I remember seeing a boros variant once.
Maybe it's possible to go brw ?

Posted Thursday at 20:28


I did make that, but that was later and it had a minotaur, but no black

Posted Thursday at 20:29


A minotaur? Sometimes I feel a bit behind with what's out there.
I have a wg enchantress lifegain in the basement that someone made.
It got top 8 and had plenty of areas that needed a fix, but I never saw it again.
It had nyx-flecee ram I think, and the green land drop centaur costing 1gg.
I thought it had potential back then, but noone seemed to carry it forward. They must have thought it was a flux.

Posted Thursday at 20:37


It’s called firesong and suns peaked

Posted Thursday at 20:39


I find that mill is the best deck in the room when it's the worst deck in the room. Meaning that mill is at it's best when no one respects in in their sideboard. However, I find that mill becomes a much worse version of burn once people start sideboarding for it. Just my personal take on things.

Posted Thursday at 20:52


Heh, it's funny you should mention it.
Me and alfred had an imaginary battle about half a day ago.
After sideboard my own sideboard was geared to respond to him, and when I had sideboarded I asked if he would sideboard against my sideboard adaptations, and he said probably not.
"When" people sideboard against mill (because often they don't) they use some pretty predictable cards, and a carefully planned mill sideboard should handle it.
I'll see if I can find the "battle"

You can find it among Alfred's decks in the deck named revelementals.
Ironically his whole sideboard seems like it's built to take out my version of mill, but in the end he only uses a few cards to avoid damaging his deck.

Posted Thursday at 21:17


I mean, you can do that, but paper magic/in-person magic is often very different.

Posted Thursday at 21:18


It is, but I play a freakish amount of games when testing, and usually have a good idea about how my mill reacts.
If you have a deck listed we could go through the sideboard together.
People have a certain gut-response to mill when playing. They forget that what they side in is likely to get milled, so the key is to be careful of what they side out.
I've had a long past of milling in an environment of pro players, so I'm very aware of how people respond ;)

Posted Thursday at 21:30


I usually don't play modern. So no idea how to sideboard against anything.

When I do play modern it's Enduring Ideal. With mainboard Leyline of Sanctity and Runed Halo, Nevermore, things of that nature. I'll link a deck in here soonish.

Posted Thursday at 21:37


Sounds like it might be something like a variant of soul sisters.
I got 4th place once meeting at least 4 decks with 2-3 leyline of sanctity in the mainboard.
Runed halo and nevermore would be handled by my engineered explosives during game one.
Game two I'd be sliding 3 echoing truth and 3 doomfall in, probably also 3 extirpate.
My current deck and sideboard is viewable as stream of thought mill v5

Posted Thursday at 21:49


I mean, my first enduring ideal target against you is Dovescape.

I'll admit though, I haven't played modern in a few years. I doubt my old list is still viable in any capacity, or that Enduring Ideal is even a playable card. The deck is literally just a bunch of my pet cards thrown into a pile for FNM.

Anyway, here's my old list as far as I can remember it. Not sure how I'd build it now considering all the new enchantments since origins.

Posted Thursday at 22:20


I'm on a phone and haven't learned to copy paste with it.
Could you make the deck public for a while (a day, just in case you don't catch me within half an hour, I'm almost at work)

I'm sure there are lots of new cards. If you have a legacy deck we can also use that instead ;)

I've tested another mill, ld-mill against an adnauseam deck from 2018 which has 4 leyline of sanctity in mainboard,
And I got nice results with that.

Posted Thursday at 22:30