Startled awake

by wickeddarkman on 31 July 2020

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Welcome to my database of cards in my stream of thought mill
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Many players ask why I'd play startled awake when I could just add more archive traps and field of ruin. The answer is that against the fastest aggro you can't afford to spend 3 lands and a turn to exchange field of ruin with another land, even if it forwards your goal of milling 13 cards much faster. You need that damn mana to set up your defences.

Since my best line of defence is turn 2 oona's prowler + turn 3 ensnaring bridge I often have to give up my entire hand to hide behind a 0 hand bridge, because the fastes aggro is often enough killing at turn 3-4, so it's a heels over heads defence.

Startled awake has the advantage of being retrievable from the graveyard, so while archive trap is useless or gets you killed, startled awake is the smarter pick. Since we also play darkblast and mesmeric orb, it's retrieve ability is pretty neat. And in games where we don't get oona's prowler it's faster to cast this than archive trap.

Theres also the question of startled awakes defensive or aggressive use. The 1/1 skull have an at minimum theoretical use. In any case you can use echoing truth to retrieve it, as people will likely destroy it when you attack with it, so they lose a resource.

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I do like it a lot

Posted Saturday at 01:30


Me too, I've added that echoing truth can bounce it.

Posted Saturday at 05:41