Stream of thought mill: v2.2

by wickeddarkman on 08 July 2020

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Okay, after adding 3 ensnaring bridge to see if I could beat the 4 worst matchups for my mill. (Affinity, humans, infect and merfolk)

I only won 10% more of the games which isn't really impressive.

But with now 80 games behind me the deck seems to have taken on some shape. The only direction it could cut cards this time was 4 lands and an archive trap.

It seems that when you don't get many turns to win, lands suddenly matters less.

With 4 cards open for developement I think I will try out 4 surgical extraction. After all I got 11 cards that can enable surgical extraction on my turn 1, and three of those cards are chancellor of the Spires, which enables me to surgical extraction an opponent in their upkeep if they start the game. From past games I know that's a pretty nice advantage against linear aggro.

Mind funeral won over sanity grinding in this blend, but I will sure keep track of when sanity grinding is playable again. It is more or less a question of when there are enough U symbols in future millcards. Anyone who makes a mill with cryptic command chancellors and archive trap might hit the sweet spot.

Mesmeric orb is still being tested and I'm keeping track of how many points to first orb yields compared to those cast later.

Results on merfolk secretkeeper/venture deeper:
When facing the 4 worst aggro matchups each merfolk soaked up an average of 2.4 damage. In 9 of 80 games a merfolk got down but was evaded or removed for the rest of the games. In 22 out of the same 80 games just venture deeper was cast as it was evident that the merfolk would just be evaded. In total its 33 versions out of 80 games. Then impact of being a blocker rarely helped against the 4 great aggrodecks, but in the rare games where they couldn't be evaded early on, they managed to stall the opposing decks enough to sometimes bring in a win.

Since ub mill dominates 2% of the meta I feel pretty sure I can make a nice comeback in modern when I've got the design nailed down, since my designs have always been better than classic mill when it becomes unplayable.


1: If your deck is capable of generating infinite blue mana, then stream of thought should be your killcard. Why? Because if someone destroys your setup somehow, stream of thought simply reshuffled the key cards and you combo of a.bit later.

2: It allows your deck to adapt to a situation where you are low on mana. Reshuffle any spells costing the same as your number of lands or reshuffle some fetchlands.

3: It is an insane selfmill card, as anything you selfmill that you didn't want to see in your graveyard you just shuffle back.

4: If you play mill with ensnaring bridge, you will be able to withstand more artifact hatred than usual.

5: If you play mill with mesmeric orb or you end up in the lategame, stream of thought will enable you to draw into more mill faster by reshuffling the best cards.

6: stream of thought let's you reshuffle field of ruin, making your matchup against tron and eldratron a lot easier. Any deck with many duals and few basics will suffer against stream of thought.

7: it's an early mill, so if you are playing with surgical extraction you get to take out key cards on turn 1. (For more details seek out my "mill guide: information" post

8: if you play with it in a deck with sanity grind it will boost the odds of a higher chroma effect when you reshuffle the cards with most U in their cost. This boost is significant and in a way your stream of thought mills more than a tome scour by boosting sanity grind.

9: in a mill vs mill situation, it will mill the opponent while resupplying you.

10: playing with several stream of thought means you get a small loop where you can keep mill cards in your deck while slowly running out of everything else. This actually makes you immune to death by your own mesmeric orbs.

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