Stream of thought mill: v3

by wickeddarkman on 15 July 2020

Main Deck (60 cards)

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Deck Description

Testing against affinity, infect, humans and merfolk, I'm trying to find the perfect mill
To deal with the best aggro of the modern meta.

I classify this deck as a speed-mill as is is build to be very very fast.
But it does not kill before turn 4 when lucky, which means ensnaring bridge has to be part of the deck. To adapt to playing the bridge I needed to buy time, so I added surgical extraction to remove parts of aggro early on.

That strategy was still too inefficient, something more was needed, and since I've used both simian spiritguide and oona's prowler in the past to fix ensnaring bridge, I turn that direction again.

Once I find a way to win solidly against these 4 decks I will turn my attention to the rest of aggro to see if anything was overlooked.
(And by that I mean all decktypes with even a single creature in it)

The key to understand this deck rests on stream of thought which I've described 10 reasons to play with in earlier designs. I will list those reasons in here later as well as any new reasons I discover, as the card seems to hold many hidden depths to its design. It is not a simple card!

UPDATE: 15/07/2020:
By testing solely against getting ensnaring bridge down at turn 3 with as small hand as possible I have been able to make room for a 4th bridge by cutting out a simian spirit guide.

Having simian spirit guide in the deck changes some of the speed within the deck, and could be a possible way to force out an early combokill with traumatize. I will include the card in the next round of research.

UPDATE: 18/07/2020:
Focussing on prowler+bridge I have continued on the tests.
Infect and affinity are largely immune to this trick and have beaten me constantly.
Merfolk on the plus side has finally reached its crush depth, and I'm beating it solidly.
Tests against humans will show if ensnaring bridge takes out half of my troubles or if it is better of in the sideboard. With the inclusion of simian spiritguide the deck manages to put down the bridge just the turn before merfolk kills me, some of the worst cards in this setup will be replaced by simian spiritguide. In the past I have used simian spiritguides to boost sweeping removal, like engineered explosives and pyroclasm. Throwing engineered explosives into the mix will be yet another way to empty the hand to get an early bridge-lock, and both affinity and infect may have some trouble with it, so generation 5 of this deck will likely have the explosives. Affinity has beaten the bridge so far by attacking with a 0 power creature, then boosting it with ravager or cranial plating. That trick will be gone with engineered explosives in my deck.

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