Stream of thought mill: v5

by wickeddarkman on 30 July 2020

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Deck Description

To see a detailed description on how I play each card in the deck you can search for my tag: wdm mill guide

This deck was designed by evolution, to see how track down my post:
The paperstrip method reloaded

The cards within this deck, and how I play them can be found by searching for my database tag: wdm mill guide

Since version 4.2 five cards have replaced the worst performing cards:
The new cards have been selected through survival of the fittest.
1 damnation, 2 darkblast and 1 noxious revival have replaced those weak cards.

The three worst performing cards this time were:
1 archive trap, 1 ensnaring bridge and 1 fraying sanity.
You can safely remove those cards from the list to add anything you like instead.
While I'm working on replacing them myself.

I will test this version replacing the three cards with a larger list of possible cards to defeat my test panel of 4 aggro decks, affinity, infect, humans and merfolk.

UPDATE: 01/08/2020:
Since the deck have continued to lose mill-cards for a while, I think it's in order that I focus on more millcards this generation. The three worst cards will therefore be replaced with millcards this generation.

I used scryfall to search for creatures with "top" in their text, but for some reason manic scribe and mindshrieker didn't show up. I then tried searching for creatures with "library" in their text, but found neither. So I thought, "maybe it's because wotc altered it to mill" so I searched for mill as the search criteria and I got everything. ALL MILL. YAY, MUCH CELEBRATED!!!

UPDATE: 03/08/2020:
So far I've found a couple of creatures with flying that mills.
I have been testing them against infect with rather depressing results.
Either they get killed, discarded or dies to boost.
The three critters that got most points were:
Eye collector (because it blocks early)
Vantress gargoyle (big and mills while defence)
Mindshrieker (can get big and mills while defence)
I had high Hopes for glint-nest Crane to work as defence while fetching engineered explosives, but during these games it didn't happen so it scored 0 points like the rest of the field. But so far these 4 creatures are my main bet as being included instead of the three worst cards.

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Deck discussion for Stream of thought mill: v5

How does your deck stand against control?

Posted Thursday at 16:59


I find Archive Trap gets much better when you play Ghost Quarter and Path of Exile alongside of it.

Posted Thursday at 21:14